Natalie Sawyer and Sam Matterface Divorce Struggles

Natalie Sawyer ended her marriage with former spouse Sam Matterface in 2014. The former Sky Sports News presenter shares a child with Matterface.

Natalie was a familiar face on Sky Sports News until March 2018. She crossed paths with her ex-husband, Sam, while both were working for the same channel.

Presently, Natalie works as a radio presenter for Talksport. Additionally, she began hosting The Game podcast for The Times from the 2018 FIFA World Cup onwards.

Meanwhile, Matterface departed from Sky Sports News in late 2010 after nearly three years of service, initially joining the team in July 2007. He currently works for ITV Sport and TalkSPORT.

The relationship between ITV Sports Presenter Natalie Sawyer and Sam Matterface blossomed while they were colleagues at Sky Sports News.

Soon after they met, the former couple tied the knot. In 2010, they welcomed their child (son) Sawyer.

At that time, Natalie and Matterface were thriving both personally and professionally. Their married life was also going smoothly.

Even after their marriage, they continued to work at Sky Sports News. Previously, Sam had worked on the Sky channel Bravo between 2006 and 2007.

Natalie Sawyer Separated from Sam in 2014. English television journalist Natalie Sawyer and Sam Matterface are no longer together. They divorced in 2014 after nearly six years of marriage.

Natalie has a child from her marriage to Matterface. Their son Sawyer (now 12) was born on October 28, 2010.

As of now, the reason for their separation has not been disclosed. However, they are currently co-parenting their child. Natalie’s Instagram is filled with beautiful photos of her child. Recently, Sawyer celebrated his twelfth birthday with his mother in Disneyland Paris.

A lovely video of Ms. Sawyer enjoying time with her son in Disneyland was posted on her IG page on November 5, 2022.

After Natalie separated from Sam, she was romantically linked with Irish footballer Jonathan Douglas. The two have been dating since around 2015.

Douglas made his debut on Natalie’s Instagram on March 12, 2015, fueling further speculation about their relationship.

On March 25, Natalie posted an amusing photo with Jonathan as they vacationed in Iceland. Their relationship of seven years continues to grow stronger.

Some Interesting Facts About Natalie Sawyer’s Family: Television presenter Natalie Sawyer hails from Ealing, London, England. Natalie’s mother is Bulgarian, and her father is British. Natalie was previously married to ITV Sports broadcaster Samuel Peter Matterface. They welcomed a son on October 28, 2010. Her son was born after her marriage to Sam Matterface. He turned 12 years old on October 28, 2022. Natalie Sawyer is currently in a relationship with Irish footballer Jonathan Douglas. Natalie and Jonathan have been together since around 2015. She is two years older than her new partner Jonathan, who is 41.

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