Mikey Chen is Married to Wife: Christine Chen. Kids.

Chinese-American YouTuber Mikey Chen, widely recognized for his main channel, Strictly Dumpling, and other content platforms, is acknowledged as a prominent figure in the online world. Renowned as one of the most influential travel foodies, his principal channel, Strictly Dumpling, boasts over 4.04 million subscribers globally.

For those curious about the personal life of Chinese-American YouTube star Mikey Chen and his marriage to Christine Cheng, delve into the details in this article. Mikey Chen has been married to Christine Chen since approximately 2021, marking his status as off the market.

The YouTuber and his wife, Christine Chen, were initially dating, and although reports suggest they might have experienced a period of separation, they eventually tied the knot. Mikey Chen, at one point, ceased discussing his girlfriend in his videos, further maintaining the privacy of his personal life.

Prior to his move to Texas, Mikey Chen had been open about being in a relationship. Surprisingly, he shared an Instagram photo of himself in a suit, holding what appeared to be a wedding ring.

Mikey and Christine officially became a married couple on October 20, 2021. In expressing his excitement, Mikey described Christine as his true soulmate and lifelong food-hunting companion.

Despite being married for some time, Mikey has yet to share any photos of Christine on his social media accounts, despite mentioning his intention to do so in an Instagram post. The couple currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

In his romantic history, Mikey Chen had two previous relationships before Christine became his wife. He was previously involved with an ex named Jessie before entering into a relationship with Christine. After his breakup with Christine, he briefly dated a model named Floma Quin before rekindling his relationship with Christine.

Specific details about these relationships remain undisclosed, as Mikey is known for being a private individual who keeps his personal life away from the public eye.

There were also rumors of a romantic involvement with Herrine Ro, but they are merely close friends. Herrine Ro was engaged when the rumors first surfaced, and they collaborated on projects due to her role as a host and senior video producer at Food Insider.

Christine Chen’s Profile
An Instagram post by Mikey Chen’s spouse, which has since been deleted, indicated her turning 21. Her Instagram bio reveals that she initially studied at the Washington College School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri, before journeying to Singapore and enrolling in the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law.

Of Chinese descent, Mikey Chen’s wife hails from a family concerned about exposure to the content creator due to his critiques of the CCP, which garnered community backlash. Beyond these details, no further information about Mikey Chen’s wife has been disclosed. Unfortunately, a Wikipedia profile for Christine Cheng is not available at the moment. We will update this article as soon as more information becomes accessible.

Mikey Chen’s Offspring
As the recently married couple has not provided any information about having children, there is no current information regarding the existence of offspring. It appears they are enjoying their married life before considering expanding their family. No announcements regarding pregnancy have been made, and we eagerly await any future updates on this matter.

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