Mary Marquardt Biography, Career, Family, Age, Net worth

Mary Marquardt used to be an illustrator and chef. She is famous for her creativity. Marquardt always supported Ford and helped him during his early career. Many admire her strength and inspiration, making her an important person in his life

Who is Mary Marquardt?

Mary Marquardt is a former American chef who is known for being associated with the actor Harrison Ford. Although Marquardt’s culinary expertise and Ford’s iconic status have influenced their journeys in creativity and fame, their marriage is now in the past.

Marquardt and Ford have two sons, Benjamin Ford and Willard Ford. Benjamin followed his mother’s path and became a chef. Mary Marquardt lives in the United States. She leads a private life.

Who is Mary Marquardt?

Mary Marquardt Biography

NameMary Marquardt
Age79 years
Date of birth1945
NationalityUnited States of America
Net worth$2 million

Early Life & Career:

One of the schools in Mary Marquardt’s neighborhood awarded her a high school diploma. She was raised there. She graduated with a liberal arts degree. And well, a report says she was one of the most popular cheerleaders during her years in college. 

Speaking of that, Mary didn’t pursue a career in entertainment upon graduating. However, she started a career in the food industry as a chef. She realized how passionate she was about cooking and food. During her active years in the food industry, Mary Marquardt was one of the most famous chefs in her business’s locale. 

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Mary Marquardt Family 

Harrison Ford married Mary Marquardt. Marquardt met her now-divorced husband, Harrison Ford, at Ripon College. They started dating and would tie their wedding knot on June 18, 1964 — Mary was nineteen years old then. Reports say Mary supported her ex-husband, Ford, during the start of his career. They got married at a young age.

A report confirms that Mary Marquardt told Harrison Ford to go to Los Angeles. She told him to search for a job as a voice-over artist on the radio. He could not get the radio job. However, reports say he signed a $150-a-week contract with Columbia Pictures in California. 

The couple has celebrated fifteen years of marriage. Mary discovered that Ford was having an affair with one of his colleagues in the movie, Star Wars.

What’s more, Mary has four grandchildren: Eliel Ford, Guiliana Ford, Waylon Ford, and Ethan Ford. 

Mary Marquardt Family 

Mary Marquardt Net worth, Trivia 

Mary Marquardt has an estimated net worth of about $2 million. She earns this fortune from her career in the food industry as a chef. Speaking of the food industry, her eldest son, Benjamin Ford, is also a chef. He once worked with his mother, Mary, at a restaurant in Culver City, California, owned by Harrison Ford. 

Side by side, Mary’s husband has an estimated net worth of between $5 billion and $9 billion. Since we are talking about the Fords, reports say Mary’s second/last son, Willard Ford, works as a clothier. And well, he is successful at it, as he should. 

Doctors diagnosed Mary Marquardt with many sclerosis in the early 2000s. She has improved since then, but she no longer works in the food industry. Yet, her son is carrying on the family tradition.

Love in the Air: Mary Marquardt Harrison Ford Relationship

Mary Marquardt’s life changed when she met the young actor Harrison Ford. Their love story combines Hollywood romance with everyday challenges. Mary and Harrison first met in college in 1964. It was a fortunate and unexpected meeting, which set the stage for their growing romance.

The couple fell in love with each other. They started dating and developed strong feelings of love for one another.

Family Life with Harrison Ford

Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford’s marriage was not just about fancy events and Hollywood glamour. They lived a simple and heartwarming life.

During their marriage, Mary and Harrison had two sons. Benjamin Ford was born in 1966 and Willard Ford was born in 1969. Having children added a new aspect to their relationship. They experienced the ups and downs of raising a family together.

Harrison Ford‘s acting career was taking off. Mary supported and encouraged him every step of the way. She stood by him through the early years of auditions and rejections, which showed their strong bond.

Harrison Ford Mary Marquardt Divorce

Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford shared love. However, their journey together faced many challenges. In Hollywood, where temptations abound, staying together can be a tough nut to crack.’

  1. Harrison Ford‘s career took off, and he became a popular leading man. The demands of the industry often meant he had to spend long periods apart from Mary Marquardt.
  2. This put a strain on their relationship. Hollywood Temptations introduced Harrison Ford to many people. The glamorous world of Hollywood did too. He met co-stars like Carrie Fisher. Rumors of affairs and flirtations caused problems in their marriage.
  3. In 1979, Mary and Harrison decided to end their relationship. Their divorce marked the end of an era. It was a chapter in their lives. They had changed from young lovebirds to a family.

FAQs About Mary Marquardt

  1. Is Mary Marquardt still alive?
    As of now, Mary Marquardt is still alive. There have been no recent reports of her passing or obituary.
  2. Did Mary Marquardt remarry after her divorce from Harrison Ford?
    No, she did not remarry after her divorce from Hollywood movie legend actor Harrison Ford.
  3. What is Mary Marquardt’s profession or career? 
    Mary led a successful career as both an illustrator and a professional chef. It has not only been a personal triumph but has also inspired her son to pursue a similar path
  4. How many children did Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford have together?
    Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford had two children together. They are Benjamin Ford and Willard Ford.
  5. Mary Marquardt’s age?
    has reached the age of 79 in the year 2024


Their love story had many challenges. It shows how relationships are complicated in Hollywood. After her divorce, Mary’s journey shows her strength and resilience. It proves that life and love exist beyond the entertainment industry’s glitz and glamour. Now, let’s look at Mary Marquardt, Harrison Ford’s first wife. Her story is not just about being a wife. It’s about personal growth, love, and finding happiness, even when the spotlight fades. Mary Marquardt’s life is a unique and remarkable journey. It continues to unfold every day.

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