Len Cariou Teeth Starts A Discussion Among His Fans

Len Cariou’s distinctive teeth have become a notable feature among fans, primarily due to his role in Blue Bloods, where he dons prosthetic teeth.

With a career spanning over fifty years, Cariou is a seasoned actor in both theater and television, boasting a Tony Award. His IMDb profile highlights his early appearance in Henry V following his Broadway debut in The House of Atreus.

Two years later, Len Cariou secured his most significant leading role alongside Lauren Bacall in the musical adaptation of the film All About Eve. This performance earned him a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical and garnered the Entertainment World Award.

In 1973, he received his second Tony nomination for his role in Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s musical A Little Night Music. He reprised the character of Fredrik in the 1977 film adaptation with Elizabeth Taylor.

Len Cariou’s appearance, particularly his teeth, has sparked conversations among fans, notably in the CBS crime thriller Persons of Interest. Cariou, lacking natural teeth, opts for prosthetics. Fans have noticed that his teeth look artificial on the show, and he clarified that the prosthetics are specially made for the character he portrays, not his personal set.

The prosthetics have become a recent focal point of discussion, with fans expressing mixed opinions. While some appreciate the vibrant and youthful appearance they lend to his character, others find the smile unnatural and even reminiscent of buckteeth. Some fans have humorously referred to them as “granddad’s teeth.”

Despite the varying opinions, Len Cariou doesn’t seem bothered by the comments and continues to enjoy portraying his character on the show. Fans may not be unanimous in their views on his prosthetic teeth, but Len Cariou takes it all in stride.

Len Cariou holds a significant role as Henry Reagan in the CBS series Blue Bloods, a character he has portrayed since 2010. As the former police commissioner, Henry has garnered a devoted following, portraying the patriarch of a family known for its strength and integrity.

Recent episodes suggest that Henry may be nearing the end of his journey in the series. Despite facing a prostate cancer diagnosis in the latest episode, there is no indication from the showrunners that Henry’s recent health challenge will lead to his departure.

Len Cariou, reflecting on his surprise at landing the role during an interview with Looper, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play Tom Selleck’s father. While fans speculated about a potential exit due to the character’s illness, Len has indicated his willingness to continue with the show for another 12 seasons. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief, anticipating more of Len Cariou in the upcoming episodes, as he remains a beloved favorite in the long-running series.

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