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LaRussell’s internet worth reached $1 million in the year 2022. Born on October 6, 1994, he celebrated his 28th birthday this year. While he is widely known by his stage name LaRussell, his real name is LaRussell Thomas.

LaRussell, the rapper, is currently 27 years old, and he was born on October 6, 1994. He is the youngest and only male among four siblings. Growing up, his father had a penchant for singing, and his paternal family was deeply involved in church and possessed musical talent. LaRussell attributes his own musical inclinations to his father’s influence.

He embarked on his rap journey at the tender age of eight, alongside his sister. Despite his sister being more proficient in delivery and flow, LaRussell began writing lyrics as a means to improve.

Full NameLarussell Thomas
Stage NameLaRussell
Date of BirthOctober 6, 1994
Birth PlaceOakland, CA
Professionrapper, songwriter

Having dedicated himself to writing and performing music for an extensive period, LaRussell envisions his future to be at the pinnacle of the music industry. He perceives a decline in the lyrical depth of hip hop due to its commercial success, and he aspires to uphold the standards in this regard.

For LaRussell, his focus has always been on artistry and cultural expression, with lyrical prowess being his utmost priority. The process of writing, composing, singing, and recording flows naturally for him.

There’s no fixed formula during his creative process; he often spends time sitting or walking around, mumbling until inspiration strikes. With a knack for swift lyricism, LaRussell sets a personal rule that if he can’t write a verse within 15 minutes, he moves on, as anything longer feels forced and unnatural to him.

Originating from Oakland, California, LaRussell spent his formative years in Vallejo, California. He describes his upbringing as typical of any child raised in Vallejo, a city where at times it feels like there’s no way out of the environment.

Since childhood, the rapper harbored grand ambitions. He delved into music production at the age of 12, while in seventh grade. Together with his close friend Larry, they would eagerly rush home from school to create beats and record songs.

Blessed with a makeshift studio crafted by his supportive father, he received his very first equipment as a high school junior, coinciding with an initial suspension from school. During his month-long absence from school, he immersed himself in music production, teaching himself the intricacies of mixing and mastering.

It was during his senior year in high school that he began to take his music career seriously. He ventured into rap battles for monetary gain, gradually gaining recognition and acclaim. Upon graduating from high school, he embarked on a journey to study music.

As a musician, he believes in letting the music speak for itself, striving to maintain honesty and authenticity in his craft. Through his experiences and influences, he has gained insights into human nature. Witnessing the transformation of people he grew up with after they attain fame remains a surreal experience for him.

He has generously shared his knowledge by teaching numerous individuals the art of songwriting, production, and rap mixing, often without expecting anything in return, yet he remains optimistic about his future prospects. As for LaRussell’s net worth, it currently stands at less than $1 million.

His income primarily stems from his musical endeavors, including the sale of shares from his catalog and his ownership of a company called Good Compenny, in addition to revenue generated from his merchandise sales. Through these ventures, the rapper aims to foster a sense of community among his fans and supporters, allowing them to benefit from his musical and business ventures.

In November 2021, LaRussell made headlines by announcing the sale of shares from his catalog. The concept behind these shares is that investors have the opportunity to receive royalties from his tracks, thus earning passive income as his music is streamed.

LaRussell emphasized that all revenue generated from these shares goes directly to the investors. Initially priced between $250 and $1000, he has been distributing dividends among his shareholders without any issues. However, he remains cautious and warns against potential investors with malicious intentions.

Good Compenny, spearheaded by LaRussell, operates as an independently funded platform that prioritizes supporting artists without charging them for their services. The company relies primarily on donations, which are then utilized to create new content, merchandise, organize shows, and provide resources to upcoming artists to showcase their talents.

Operating as a fully independent creative team, Good Compenny handles all aspects of the artistic process, including cover art, marketing, promotion, and video production, as well as mixing and mastering their music.

As for LaRussell’s personal life, he has chosen to keep details about his romantic relationships private. Instead, he is actively engaged in promoting his content and supporting artists associated with his organization. At present, he is fully committed to his career and focused on building a better future. There is no information available regarding his current romantic involvement or associations.

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