Lakme Lipstick Styling Guide To Stand Out In Events & Festive Occasions

The most important beauty item in a girl’s handbag is lipstick. However, we admit that, occasionally, they can be a bit difficult to work with (the wrong lipstick can make your lips feel dry, while the wrong gloss can leave them feeling sticky). This is why we’ve compiled a list of all the lipsticks we love from the trusty makeup giant Lakme. They are truly the best-performing lipsticks and lip glosses on the market today. Trust a Lakme lipstick never to dry out, lasts all day long, and adds a striking burst of colour! 

Speaking of multiple colours, selecting the ideal lipstick hue for the festive season can be utterly confusing – especially when you want to create Instagrammable glam looks that match your outfits for all the weddings, parties, and pujas lined up on your calendar style it lakme lipstick. The sheer assortment of colours, finishes, and formulas can send you into a tizzy. Fret not; this blog will take you into the magical world of Lakme lipsticks so you can turn heads at all the upcoming festive events and parties. Why Lakme? It’s India’s most-loved homegrown brand, trusted by millions of women. So, why look elsewhere?

Before we get you further excited about styling Lakme’s steal-worthy lippies for festive makeup looks, let’s explore the varieties of lipsticks the brand offers.

1. Lakme Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Are you sick of lipsticks that stain and smudge easily? If yes, Lakme’s Forever Matte Liquid Lip is your answer. The highly pigmented composition makes it ideal for evenly coating your lips, giving you a smudge-proof, long-lasting matte finish. PS: Style it Lakme lipstick, These are available in 50 shades! 

2. Lakme Creme Lipstick

Do your lips refuse to lock in moisture? We recommend a heavy dose of a lip mask followed by a gentle lip scrub and a swipe of the Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Shine Lipstick. This lippy, formulated to give you a creamy finish, is a blessing for dry lips that aren’t compatible with other lipsticks. You can place your trust in this tube and stop worrying about creases and splits, owing to the lightweight texture. It also adds a slight shine, making your pout look plump.

3. Lakme Lip Gloss & Plumper 

Not everyone is blessed with naturally full, plump lips. If you’ve concluded that lippies aren’t for your thin lips, we’re here to convince you to try Lakme lip gloss and plumpers. Once you overline your lips with a nude lip pencil, fill in with the 9 To 5 Matte To Glass Liquid Lip for a glistening finish. Style it Lakme lipstick, For added fullness, top up with a swipe of the Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss. 

4. Lakme Lip Tints & Stains

Lipsticks get a bad rap for bleeding or fading away after the first sip of coffee or a bite of croissant. But all they require is some assistance from a good lip liner. Besides the right lip pencil, applying a lip stain can give your lips a burst of colour that doesn’t bleed easily. You can also fill your lips with a lip pencil and layer it with a lip tint or stain. Even if the latter runs off, your pucker has a tint. Genius, isn’t it? Lakme’s Perfect Definition Liner (available in 9 shades) and the Lip Love & Cheek Tint (available in 4 shades) would be perfect for this lip combo.

5. Lakme Lip Crayon

Lip crayons are the holy grail if you like your lipsticks to apply quickly, easily, and comfortably. These lipstick blends are nourishing for parched lips and long-wearing enough to endure anything and everything. The Lakme Absolute Plush Matte Lip Crayon comes in 6 beautiful shades that complement Indian skin tones perfectly. 

Lakme Lipstick Styling For Festive Occasions: Colour & Finish

Now that you have an idea about the various kinds of Lakme lipsticks – let’s look at some colour and finish options you can choose based on the different festivities:

  • Lipstick for outdoor (day) events: For daytime outdoor festivities, the best finish is matte. Choose a lipstick between your best nude and reddish, as these hues pair well with most makeup looks. 
  • Lipstick for outdoor (night) events: Evening celebrations in the outdoors are all about glamour and sparkle. To manifest the best lipstick styling that complements your outfit, choose a bold hue of red or pink in a matte finish. If you want to go the gloss route, try a warm shade of Lakme’s creamy lipstick over well-outlined lips. Top it off with a plumper for added glam.
  • Lipstick for wedding makeup: Whether you’re a bride-to-be looking for lipstick styling ideas for your special day or attending a big, fat nuptial celebration soon, there’s much merrymaking to look forward to. You’ll need your best lip game to endure all the chatting and devouring of food and drinks. Opt for a combination of Lakme’s lip liner and matte liquid lipstick. Carry a lip stain or tint in your purse for quick touch-ups if required. Warm tones and red and pink hues look great for wedding makeup.
  • Lipstick for work parties: When it comes to work events, you’d want a subtle, barely-there lipstick style or a head-turning, ‘I run this show’ look. We have suggestions for both. For minimal lips, opt for a creme-finish lipstick in a nude-to-warm shade. For a bolder look, trust the classic red lip for the ultimate confidence boost.

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