Laci J Mailey Pregnancy Or Weight Gain? Chesapeake Shores Actress’s Rumors Explained

The ongoing rumors about Laci J Mailey’s pregnancy seem to persist indefinitely, so let’s definitively put an end to them.

Laci J. Mailey, a Canadian actress renowned for her television roles, gained recognition for portraying Jess O’Brien in the Hallmark Channel family drama “Chesapeake Shores” and holding a recurring role in the popular TV show “Falling Skies.”

At 31 years old, Laci J Mailey was born on November 15, 1990, in Fruitvale, British Columbia. Speculation about Laci J Mailey’s pregnancy or weight gain has circulated widely, as her noticeable increase in weight led many to believe she was expecting. Recently, she welcomed her baby girl and fully embraces motherhood. Although her Instagram is not consistently active, she occasionally expresses gratitude for having her child.

On March 23, she shared with her Instagram followers that she had given birth and posted a heartwarming video featuring the newborn with her father. A part of the caption reads, “Born free.” Additionally, her husband took to his virtual platform, sharing a picture with Laci and their child on Mother’s Day last year. He conveyed beautiful wishes to her with heartfelt words.

Currently, it is confirmed that Laci J Mailey is not pregnant; rather, she has experienced post-pregnancy weight gain. It is intriguing how quickly a woman’s body changes attract attention. Despite the low-key announcement she made, several websites continued to speculate about her pregnancy even long after her delivery. Nevertheless, the couple seems to enjoy this mild online amusement.

The husband of Chesapeake Shores actress Laci J Mailey is Steve Bradley, and they have been married for over a decade. A glimpse into their virtual presence reveals their unwavering support for each other through various challenges, spanning from their early stages as a couple to becoming mature parents. The journey they’ve undertaken is truly heartwarming when observed from an outsider’s perspective.

Steve Bradley is not only an actor but also a photographer. According to his Linkedin profile, he currently holds the position of Head of Video Production at Vish in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Describing himself as a videographer, editor, motion graphics specialist, content creator, and video producer, Steve earned his certification in acting and film from Vancouver Film School in 2009. Over the years, he has worked as a camera operator for Bare Nine Films, an independent producer for Division 85, a creative editor for High On Life Enterprise, and more.

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