Kevin Wenstob Net Worth 2022: How Much Does The Log Business Owner Make From Big Timber?

Kevin Wenstob, also known as “Big Boss,” is the proprietor of Wenstob Timber, one of Canada’s few independent sawmills, and a key member of the primary cast of the reality TV show. Kevin, who has long advocated for sustainable forestry practices, holds firm against certain environmentalists who argue against the feasibility of sustainable logging.

The unscripted television program “Big Timber” centers around a wood company located on Vancouver Island. Filming for most of the first season took place between September 2019 and January 2020, with the premiere airing on the Canadian History channel on October 8, 2020.

In terms of finances, Kevin Wenstob, as a sawmill owner profiting from the timber industry, often faces scrutiny regarding ethical considerations. His net worth as of 2022 stands at $5 million.

Despite the inherent risks, Kevin Wenstob persists in his hazardous occupation, largely justified by the substantial wages it offers. In Canada, employees at small sawmills typically earn around $66,500 annually. However, Wenstob Timber operates on a larger scale, yielding an average income of over $73,000 from the wood industry alone. When factoring in earnings from television shows and endorsements, the total revenue is in the millions.

Kevin Wenstob’s income and wealth have been on the rise in 2022, thanks to the increasing popularity of his television program. Crew members can expect annual salaries ranging from $56,000 to $84,000, depending on their roles. Despite the relatively short duration of employment for lumberjacks, typically around a year, the financial rewards are substantial.

The substantial returns are justifiable given the challenges encountered in the logging industry, as evident from the trials depicted in the “Big Timber” trailer. Kevin and his team grapple with severe weather conditions, challenging terrain, equipment malfunctions, and various other issues that city dwellers rarely contemplate.

As for his personal life, Kevin Wenstob is married to Sarah Fleming, who also appears on the show along with their two children.

Erik and Jack, Wenstob’s children, have been actively involved in assisting their father in running the business. Both Wenstob and his wife have made appearances on the program, expressing their desire to take control of their own future.

Coleman Willner, Wenstob’s trusted assistant, is 23 years old and plays a vital role in managing the staff responsible for loading and delivering the logs.

The show “Wenstob,” which recently reached No. 10 on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows list in early July, has sparked controversy and garnered negative reviews from consumers. Wenstob himself has been accused of being spoiled, aggressive, unprofessional, and lacking in supervision, with critics pointing to his status as an only child as a contributing factor.

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