Justin Stamper Illness And Health Update: What Happened To Ashlee Casserly Husband?

There is a growing curiosity about Justin Stamper’s health and well-being. Notably, real estate has been a constant in Justin Stamper’s life, with his adulthood consumed by the relentless pursuit of flipping houses and managing his real estate ventures.

Embarking on this journey at the age of 19, he has consistently progressed since then. Teaming up with his impressive partner, Ashlee Casserly, Justin Stamper has become one of the prominent figures on A&E’s “Zombie House Flipping,” contributing to the establishment of a substantial real estate empire in Florida.

Driven by a deep sense of pride in his accomplishments over the years, he remains dedicated to working hard until he reaches the pinnacle of his career. For those eager to know more, here is an overview of Justin Stamper’s health and well-being details.

Update on Justin Stamper’s Health and Wellbeing
As of 2021, detailed information about Justin Stamper’s medical status became more accessible to the public. At his best, Justin Stamper found joy in savoring fine bourbon, indulging in craft beer, cooking for loved ones, engaging in conversations with strangers, and enjoying loud music.

His journey in the real estate business began at the age of 19 when he acquired and flipped his family’s foreclosed home, setting the stage for his professional career. While it may have been a venture born out of familial necessity, little did he anticipate the significant professional path it would lead him down.

After successfully flipping and selling his family’s home, Justin set his sights on more ambitious projects, often selecting auction houses to flip while standing on the steps of the local town hall. Engaging and somewhat perilous, this game involves uncertainties as houses are acquired without full knowledge of their condition or history.

As he has matured and gained more insight into his own life, Justin Stamper has chosen to undertake even greater challenges, leveraging his experience and expertise in the field.

He presently operates a business and, alongside his partner, oversees their own company known as The Diagram Land Group, situated in Orlando, Florida, where he has spent his entire life.

Ashlee Casserly’s husband, Justin Stamper, is an American citizen born on May 18, 1989, in Orlando, Florida, making him 33 years old as of 2022. Johnny and Leeanne Stamper are his parents, with his father being a successful entrepreneur running Johnny’s Tavern Barbecue, a restaurant in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Choosing not to pursue higher education after high school, Justin opted to support his family. His days were spent bidding on homes, and evenings were dedicated to cooking at a Disney steakhouse. In his career, Justin has become a prominent TV personality and a seasoned real estate investor, accumulating over a decade of experience in the real estate industry.

At the age of 19, he initiated his real estate career by successfully flipping his family’s repossessed property. Subsequently, he ventured into purchasing homes at auctions on town hall steps, eventually climbing the ranks to become a full-time house flipper in Central Florida, where he is currently employed.

In January 2008, he secured a noteworthy position as an investor with JGS Capital LLC. Later, in 2012, this well-known TV personality commenced work with Contribute Home Direct and launched his venture, Dog Home Buyers, LLC.

His prominence in the American real estate scene heightened when he and his spouse, Ashlee Casserly, were selected to appear on the reality series “Zombie House.” Since its debut on AETV in 2016, the program has aired four seasons.

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