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Joe Shulk is a fitness instructor who successfully transformed his physique through exercise and weight training. Renowned for his personal and online training content, he has garnered a substantial following on various social media platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Although Joe Shulk’s exact height is yet to be disclosed, his numerous fans express curiosity, and there is a possibility that he might share his body measurements in the future.

On his Instagram account, Joe has shared videos featuring various height measurements, which may be accurate unless confirmed by him. Having experienced bullying in his youth due to his small stature, Joe has since grown tall and muscular, potentially putting an end to such experiences.

Born on July 29, 2000, according to information from, Joe Shulk is currently 21 years old. Despite some uncertainty about the accuracy of his birthdate due to his mature appearance, he has gained recognition as a prominent fitness instructor, similar to Cody Rigsby.

Cody, known as a celebrity fitness coach, achieved fame as a Peloton cycling instructor and holds American citizenship.

In his YouTube bio, Joe promises viewers the “best gym content in the game.” He documented his remarkable transformation from a slender boy to a muscular man in a video on his YouTube channel.

Joining YouTube on December 16, 2020, Joe has accumulated 485,605 views across his total videos. With 15.2K subscribers, his channel features regular exercise-related content on fitness topics such as chest and shoulders, as well as weight loss.

Active on TikTok and Instagram, Joe Shulk’s TikTok handle is @joeshulk, where he boasts a substantial following of 1.5 million fans, and his videos have garnered an impressive 30.9 million likes.

On Instagram, where he goes by the username @notshulk, Joe has 68.7K followers and has shared 530 posts, showcasing his dedication to fitness and maintaining a healthy physique across various platforms.

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