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Jo McCubbin is recognized as the mother of the nature enthusiast Megan McCubbin, garnering attention mainly through her daughter’s association and her past relationship with Chris Packham. This article delves into details about Jo’s life, covering information about her partner, age, and Wikipedia.

Primarily acknowledged for her connection with nature lover and photographer Chris Packham, Jo McCubbin was in a relationship with him in the 90s, and they have been separated for a considerable time.

While the reason for their separation remains undisclosed, both now lead separate lives. Chris Packham has entered into a long-term relationship with Charlotte Corney, who owns the Isle of Wight Zoo.

Jo, an experienced nurse, is presently working as a frontline worker. Before her involvement with Chris, she had a previous relationship and has a daughter named Megan McCubbin, who is dedicated to nature conservation and wildlife.

During the pandemic, Jo suggested that her daughter live with Chris, her stepfather. Although Jo and Chris are not together, she acknowledges that her daughter maintains a strong bond with her stepfather and shares common interests.

Jo McCubbin is not active on any social media platforms, preferring to keep her private life information limited. Details about her are mostly known through her daughter and ex-partner.

Jo McCubbin has not disclosed her age, but it can be estimated that she is in her 50s, considering her daughter Megan is 25 years old.

She met her ex, Chris Packham, when their daughter was just two years old, and Megan spent most of her life growing up with her stepfather rather than her biological father.

Jo McCubbin is not featured on Wikipedia. However, her daughter is currently profiled on the platform, and Jo must take pride in her daughter’s accomplishments as a nature conservationist.

Despite Jo’s separation from Chris Packham when her daughter was just 12 years old, there exists a strong bond between Chris Packham and his stepdaughter Megan McCubbin. Megan holds deep admiration for him personally and for his passion.

They share a professional collaboration and have co-authored the book “Back To Nature: How to Love Life and Save,” as well as launching an online community for birdwatching during the pandemic.

Chris serves as an inspiration in Megan’s life, fostering her love for wildlife, and she continues to learn from him regularly.

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