Jess Mauboy Weight Gain Rumours Explained: Australian Singer Struggled With Weight

Jess Mauboy, also known as Jessica Mauboy, is an accomplished Australian singer, songwriter, and performer. Her journey to fame began in 2006 during the fourth season of Australian Idol, where she secured the second position.

This exposure on the television show led to a dedicated fan base and eventually earned her a professional contract with Sony Music Australia, marking the initiation of a successful phase in her career.

Beyond her achievements in the music industry, Jess also found success in acting, taking on roles in various TV series and music videos.

Consistently, Jess has garnered substantial recognition and remains actively involved in music, currently serving as one of the judges on The Voice Australia.

There have been observations suggesting that Jess Mauboy may have gained some weight, given her history of fluctuating body changes. She faced criticism for her weight since her debut on the Australian Idol stage in 2006.

Notably, Kyle commented that her career might suffer if she didn’t address her weight. Over a decade later, despite her success in the industry, Jess has encountered challenges with her body.

In 2018, she successfully shed over 8 kgs, a transformation that garnered admiration from many of her fans.

She used to have a slim figure with well-maintained body fat. However, at present, she appears different from her past self and seems slightly more rounded.

Observing her external appearance, it seems that Mauboy has gained some weight, although no official report regarding this can be found online.

Jess Mauboy is currently in a long-term relationship with her partner, Themeli Magripilis, a former soccer player of Greek descent. Magripilis, an Australian soccer player and chamber specialist, was previously associated with Hellenic Athletic but doesn’t appear to be active as an athlete anymore.

Jessica and Themeli started dating in 2009 when they were around 18 years old. They maintained a long-distance relationship for several years before Themeli eventually moved to Sydney to be with the singer.

Mauboy became engaged to her partner in 2020, but as of now, they have not yet finalized their wedding plans. Regarding Jess Mauboy’s nationality and ethnicity, she is Australian, with a background that includes being half Indonesian and half Australian. Her father, Ferdy, is an Indonesian-born electrician, while her mother, Therese, is a native Australian.

Consequently, Jessica identifies with both her Indonesian and Australian heritage, showcasing a mixed nationality. There is no ambiguity about her ethnicity, as both of her parents are based in Australia, and she was born and raised in the same country.

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