Jennifer Landon And Her Partner Nancy Fichman Are Mothers Of Three Bulldogs

Jennifer Landon and her partner, Nancy Fichman, have been in a committed relationship since around 2016, and they share guardianship of three Bulldogs.

With six years of togetherness, this loving couple continues to captivate their fans by pursuing common goals. Although they haven’t recently shared public posts about each other, they have previously expressed their affection through heartfelt messages.

Jennifer Landon is widely recognized for her role as Waver in the Paramount Network’s TV series “Yellowstone” and for portraying Gwen Norbeck Manson in the popular CBS drama “As The World Turns.”

Her outstanding performances in these shows earned her three consecutive Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Additionally, Jennifer is the daughter of the renowned actor Michael Landon, inheriting her passion for acting at a young age.

She made her debut in one of the final episodes of “Highway to Heaven” at the age of five, and since then, she has appeared in numerous television movies and series.

Having enjoyed a successful career, Jennifer is happily committed to her partner, Nancy Fichman. The couple, who officially started dating in 2016, has openly shared their love and devotion to each other.

Nancy consistently demonstrates her deep affection for Jennifer, affectionately referring to her as her significant other, although the couple has not yet tied the knot.

Beyond her acting prowess, Nancy has gained recognition as a writer, notably contributing to the 2005 made-for-TV film “The Deal Will Tell.” Collaborating with her writing partner (and former soulmate), Jennifer Hoppe-House, an American film and TV writer, they are currently working on two screenplays in development: “The Claim,” which explores a disintegrating marriage facing a blackmailer, and “Lost Girls,” narrating the journey of a small-town Canadian lawyer defending a convicted killer experiencing childhood flashbacks of potential crimes.

The duo also co-authored an upcoming film, “Fortune,” set in Las Vegas, depicting the story of a small-time criminal seeking an escape after a roadside killing and two sisters teaming up to collect a bounty on a mobster. Additionally, they serve as executive producers and writers for the upcoming series “High Desert.”

Notably, Fichman and Hoppe were key contributors to the early seasons of “Nurse Jackie” and were nominated for Writers Guild of America awards in 2009 and 2010 for their work on the show.

Nancy’s extensive writing credits include “Les Enfants Hopeless” (1992), “Save Me” (2013), “Us and Them” (2015), “Grace and Frankie” (2015-2016), “Get In” (2017), and “Dietland” (2018).

Jennifer and Nancy’s relationship has flourished over the past six years, evident from their Instagram posts showcasing their love story. The couple officially started dating in 2016, with Jennifer sharing a heartwarming post on Nancy’s birthday in 2017. They celebrated the occasion surrounded by friends and family.

Living in Los Angeles, the couple, despite their busy schedules, finds time to enjoy skiing together. On March 21, 2018, Jennifer posted a picture of their skiing adventure in LA, highlighting their ability to indulge in such activities despite their bustling lives in the city.

Celebrating their second anniversary in 2018, the Yellowstone star, Jennifer, shared a heartwarming image with Nancy on June 26, marking two years of bliss. In the affectionate post, Jennifer humorously referred to her beloved as a “camera-shy Beenana.”

Jennifer expressed in the post, “Happy Two Years to My Camera Shy Beenana,” playfully adding, “And a redundant joyful 34 years to my deltoid muscle.” Their loved ones quickly responded, showering them with wishes for a wonderful future together.

On Valentine’s Day in 2019, Jennifer couldn’t have been happier to spend the occasion with her first love, Nancy. She took to Instagram, sharing a delightful photo of the couple along with a heartfelt message.

She wrote, “Best valentine for an egomaniac? Someone who looks exactly like them.” Jennifer continued, “Thanks for being my twin, Nancy Ann, and for being so similar to me in so many ways that thinking about you feels like contemplating myself!”

Nancy affectionately refers to Jennifer as her spouse, showcasing the inseparable bond they’ve shared since they began dating in 2016. Despite their deep connection, the couple is not married, and any plans for marriage remain undisclosed.

Surprising fans on August 12, 2019, Nancy referred to Jennifer as her spouse when she visited her at work on her birthday, sharing a photo of their day on Instagram. The caption read, “Visiting spouse at work.”

Fans were taken aback, with many expressing their astonishment and curiosity about whether the couple had secretly tied the knot. Even American TV and film writer Marti Noxon seemed puzzled, exclaiming, “Wife??????”

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