Jameliz Estatura Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Jameliz Estatura is a rising entertainment industry star known for her captivating performances and impressive talent.

With her striking looks and undeniable charm, she has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. However, there is much more to this talented individual than meets the eye.

In this blog post, we will look closer at Jameliz Estatura’s age, height, weight, relationships, biography on Wikipedia, and family to uncover the fascinating story behind the rising star’s success.

So, let’s dive in and get to know Jameliz Estatura on a deeper level.

Who is Jameliz Benitez Smith?

Jameliz Estatura Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Jameliz Benitez Smith is a big deal on the internet. She started making cool videos and sharing fun photos online.

People all over the world watch her on TikTok and YouTube. Besides, she models on Instagram, showing off trendy outfits and her fitness journey. Also, Jameliz loves to connect with her followers.

Additionally, she always has something new and exciting to share. She enjoys making people smile with her content, and she’s super creative and always comes up with fun ideas. Jameliz knows how to make a splash online. Her fans can’t get enough of her excellent posts.

Additionally, she’s not just about looks; she’s got talent and a big heart. Everyone who follows her feels like they’re part of a big, happy internet family. That’s why Jameliz Benitez Smith is more than just an internet star; she’s like a friend to many.

Jameliz’s Early Life and Education

Jameliz Estatura Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Growing up, Jameliz was always bright and bubbly. She lived in sunny Florida with her family. From a young age, Jameliz loved to perform in front of her family and friends. Also, she would dance, sing, and act, making everyone laugh and smile. The school was a place where she shone.

Additionally, Jameliz was not only good at her studies but also made lots of friends. Also, her teachers noticed her creative side early on. They always said she would do big things one day.

In school, Jameliz was part of many clubs. Also, she loved art class the most. Drawing and painting were her favorite activities. Sometimes, she even made funny videos for school projects.

Everyone loved them. Her interest in social media started growing around this time. She learned how to share her creativity with the world online.

Little did she know, this began her journey to becoming a star. Also, Jameliz had always dreamed big, and her early life was full of fun, learning, and creativity.

Jameliz’s Husband/Boyfriend

Jameliz Estatura Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Jameliz has a special someone named Daisy. He’s known on TikTok too. They share cute moments online. Fans love seeing them together.

Their videos are full of laughs and smiles. Daisy supports Jamelik in everything she does. He’s her biggest cheerleader. Together, they make a great team.

They care a lot about each other. Daisy often appears in Jameliz’s posts. They love to collaborate. Their relationship is admired by many. People look up to them as a fun, loving couple.

They genuinely enjoy each other’s company. It’s fun watching their adventures unfold online.

Jameliz’s Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Jameliz isn’t the tallest in the room, standing just as high as a pile of skateboards at 4 feet and 10 inches. Now, she’s a young 21-year-old, full of zest and brightness.

Jameliz Estatura Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Her weight is suitable for her height, at about 51 kg – imagine fifty-one, one-kilogram bags of flour lined up in the pantry! Also, her eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky, especially when she shares her stories or bursts into laughter.

Jameliz’s hair flows and shines, catching the light just right, making her presence known and felt. Also, she carries herself with grace and confidence, ready to take on whatever comes her way.

Whenever you see her, she seems to jump into a new adventure; her energy is infectious, making her stand out. Also, her uniqueness isn’t just in what she does but in how she looks while doing it, truly making her a unique presence online and in life.

Jameliz Before Fame

Before she became a star, Jameliz was just like any kid. She loved to play outside and use her imagination. She made up stories and acted them out.

Jameliz Estatura Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

At school, she was known for being super friendly. Everyone liked being around her. Jameliz also wanted to draw and make crafts. She used her creativity in everything she did.

Plus, she always had a camera in hand. She enjoyed capturing moments and sharing them with her family. This hobby turned into her passion.

Even then, it was clear that Jameliz had a knack for entertaining others. Also, her journey to fame started with these simple joys.

Jameliz Famous Reason

Jameliz became super famous for an excellent reason. She made a TikTok video in which she danced in a car. It sounded wild, but it was so fun and relaxed.

Over 2 million people watched that video, and they loved it a lot. She also uses popular rap and hip-hop songs in her videos, which makes them extra catchy and fun to watch. Everyone starts moving when they hear the beats.

Additionally, her dancing is fantastic. Plus, she knows how to pick the best songs. This mix of great music and fun dancing is why she’s a star. People from all over the world like to see what she’ll do next.

Her energy is contagious. You can’t help but smile and dance along. So, dancing in a car made her famous. Now, she keeps sharing her incredible moves, and we all can’t wait to see more.

Jameliz Net Worth

Talking about money can be tricky. But, when it comes to Jameliz, people are curious. She’s done so much cool stuff online. Also, her hard work has paid off big time.

Now, she’s not just famous but also rich. It’s believed that Jameliz has about $130,000 to her name. Wow, that’s a lot of zeroes! This money comes from her videos, modeling, and ads.

Plus, she works with big brands. Imagine all the skateboards you could buy with that! Anyway, she uses her money wisely and loves to help others.

Fun Facts

  • Jameliz has a secret talent for beatboxing, surprising her fans during a live stream.
  • She’s a self-proclaimed sushi addict and often shares her sushi adventures on social media.
  • Jameliz has a quirky habit of collecting vintage cameras and loves taking pictures.
  • She can speak three languages fluently, including Spanish, English, and French.
  • Jameliz fears heights, yet she bravely went skydiving to conquer it, capturing the thrilling experience on video for her followers.


What does Jameliz Estatura do?

Jameliz is a multifaceted internet personality known for her TikTok videos, Instagram modeling, and YouTube content.

How old is Jameliz Estatura?

She is 21 years old.

How tall is Jameliz?

Jameliz stands at 4 feet 10 inches tall.

Who is Jameliz’s significant other?

Her significant other is Daisy, who is also popular on TikTok.

What is Jameliz Estatura’s net worth?

Her estimated net worth is around $130,000, earned through her online presence and brand collaborations.


Jameliz Estatura’s journey from a creative child to an internet sensation highlights her multifaceted talent and charisma.

Her story, filled with bright moments and infectious energy, entertains and inspires. Through her relationship with Daisy, creative content, and genuine interactions with fans, Jameliz has built a community that celebrates diversity, creativity, and positivity.

As she continues to share her life and talents online, her influence and reach will grow, bringing more joy and inspiration to people worldwide. Keep an eye on Jameliz Estatura; her story is far from over.

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