Who Is Jake Gravbrot And Wife Kaylan Gravbrot From “Something Was Wrong Season 14 Podcast”?

Jake Gravbrot is married to Kaylan Gravbrot, who identifies herself as a new mother and spouse to @hxchairstylist on Twitter. However, the @hxchairstylist account appears to have been deactivated. Nonetheless, Kaylan maintains her own Twitter handle, @kaylangravbrot, with 30 followers and 27 followings since its inception in October 2009.

Recently, Apple Podcasts released the trailer for Season 14 of “Something Was Wrong” on October 13th. This five-episode podcast is accessible on Wondery+ and the Amazon Music app. For those interested, a link to the podcast is provided.

The acclaimed docuseries and podcast, with a rating of 17.2k and 4 stars, boasts an official website, somethingwaswrong.com. Season 14 of the podcast delves into the true story of Seattle-based hairstylist Jake Gravbrot.

The “Something Was Wrong” Podcast commands a substantial following on Instagram, with 50.5k fans, 39 posts, and 179 followings, and is produced by Broken Cycle Media. Tiffany Reese (lookieboo), the owner and founder of Broken Cycle Media, boasts over 51.5k Instagram followers herself.

Jake Gravbrot has amassed nearly 61.7 million views on TikTok, showcasing various videos under his name.

Primarily known as a photographer, Jake operates as a coverage media photographer. His Instagram account, “Instagravbrot,” boasts 89 followers, 19 posts, and follows 8 accounts.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Jake Gravbrot hails from Seattle, Washington, and has served as a hairstylist at Zero Zero Hair since 2014. Prior to this, he owned Mars Hair from May 2011 to April 2014.

In addition to his hairstyling profession, Jake is also recognized as a concert and landscape photographer under the label “Jake Gravbrot Photography.”

An avid baseball enthusiast, Jake closely follows the Seattle Mariners.

Jake Gravbrot, aged 41, and his wife Kaylan Gravbrot, aged 39, are proud parents, as evidenced by their Twitter profiles. However, the exact date of their marriage or when they commenced their relationship remains undisclosed.

Kaylan has shared an endearing profile picture capturing Jake kissing her forehead, reflecting their affectionate bond.

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