Is Seth Rollins Gay? What Is the Sexuality of WWE Superstar?

Seth Rollins, an American wrestler, is currently signed to WWE and performs on the Raw brand. Renowned for his exceptional skills in the ring and his ability to adapt his on-screen persona, Rollins is often regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of his generation.

Due to his outgoing personality and flashy ring attire, there has been speculation about Seth Rollins’ sexuality, with some wondering if he is gay. However, has Rollins ever addressed his sexual orientation? Let’s delve into the matter and uncover the truth.

Is Seth Rollins Gay? No, Seth Rollins is not gay. Despite rumors and misconceptions about his sexual orientation, Rollins is a heterosexual man who has only been romantically involved with women and is currently married to a woman.

Speculation about Rollins’ sexuality may have arisen due to various factors. His bold personality and flamboyant ring attire, coupled with his outspoken support for LGBTQ rights, have led some to mistakenly assume that he is gay. However, it’s important to note that advocating for LGBTQ rights does not necessarily reflect one’s own sexual orientation.

Rollins has been vocal about his support for equal rights and has actively participated in efforts to combat discrimination against the LGBTQ community. Ultimately, his advocacy and personality traits have no bearing on his sexual orientation.

In terms of his relationship status, Seth Rollins is married to Becky Lynch, with their marriage beginning in 2021. Previously, there was speculation about Rollins’ romantic involvement with Zahra Schreiber, a former NXT wrestler, after a nude photo of her was inadvertently posted to his social media accounts in 2015. However, Rollins’ relationship with Schreiber was never confirmed, and he has since moved on to marry Becky Lynch.

Shortly thereafter, Leighla Schultz, who was engaged to Rollins at the time, shared nude photos of Rollins on her Twitter page. In response, Rollins expressed regret that “private photos were shared without his permission.” Consequently, on February 25, 2016, Rollins and Schreiber ended their relationship.

In January 2019, Rollins began dating Rebecca Quin, a professional wrestler from Ireland better known by her ring name Becky Lynch. Despite months of rumors, their relationship was publicly confirmed in May. The couple resided in Moline in 2019.

On August 22, 2019, they announced their engagement. During an episode of Raw on May 11, 2020, Quin revealed that she and Rollins were expecting their first child. Their daughter Roux was born on December 4. Subsequently, on June 29, 2021, they tied the knot. Rollins shared the news of their marriage on Instagram.

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