Is Pete Wicks Brother Joe Wicks? Here Is How They Are Related

Pete Wicks, a stylish and tattooed individual who has garnered widespread admiration, joined the cast of TOWIE in 2015. Since then, he has consistently charmed his fans with his refined presence in various shows.

However, amidst circulating reports and speculations, a new theory has emerged regarding Pete Wicks and Joe Wicks, suggesting that the two may be brothers.

Pete Wicks’ Relationship with Joe Wicks: Are They Siblings?
There are no credible sources confirming that Pete Wicks and Joe Wicks are brothers. Despite sharing a similar last name and hailing from the same country, there is no evidence to suggest a blood relation between them.

Moreover, the uncertainties may have arisen due to their similar facial features. However, it’s worth noting that both individuals sported long hair and beards, potentially causing confusion among fans.

On the contrary, fitness coach Joe Wicks has two siblings, and neither of them is Pete Wicks.

Delving into Actor Pete Wicks’ Family Life
When it comes to his personal life, Pete Wicks’ parents remain unidentified, but it is known that his mother’s name is Tracy Wicks. Pete experienced his parents’ divorce at the tender age of eleven.

Following the divorce, Pete’s mother, Tracy, single-handedly raised her children, confronting all the challenges and hardships that came her way.

Growing up in a fractured family without a guiding figure left a lasting impact on Pete. The separation of his parents left him feeling vulnerable and disconnected.

His wonderful mother can also be found on Instagram using the alias, where she boasts around 6k followers. On her profile, she has shared several photos of her grandson along with accompanying comments.

Take a Look at Pete Wicks’ Online Profile
While Pete Wicks does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page, information about him can be found online.

Pete Wicks made his debut on The Only Way Is Essex during the fifteenth season in 2015. His charisma and personality quickly made him a favorite among TOWIE viewers, establishing a solid presence on the hit show.

Prior to joining the program, Wicks, a successful entrepreneur, was introduced to the show through his co-star and friend, James Lock. Leveraging his newfound fame, Pete has ventured into various endeavors, including modeling.

Furthermore, Wicks has appeared in other series such as First Dates Hotel and Celebrity Island.

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