Is Jeff Zausch Married To Erin Munoz? Wife And Net Worth 2022 – Ex Gabrielle Zausch Divorce

Stricken with a fever, Jeff Zausch resorted to immersing his body in a stream within the Philippine jungle for hours to lower his dangerously high body temperature. This marked his third appearance on the series, having previously endured 21 days in the Madagascar desert and 40 days in the Colombian jungle.

In September, he embarked on the show solo, accompanied by Zerra, a previous participant in the series. Later, after 20 days, an additional 12 individuals joined the expedition to complete their 40-day journey.

As for his personal life, Jeff Zausch is open about discussing his relationship status. He is currently dating Erin Munoz, who is his partner.

Erin may not be a prominent figure in the media, so there isn’t much additional information available about her. However, Jeff frequently shares photos of them together with his dog on his Instagram account.

According to Zausch’s Instagram, the couple began dating in 2017. The GIS professional posted a picture with her in June 2018, accompanied by a caption expressing that the young woman still gives him butterflies even a year later.

The post garnered comments inquiring about their wedding plans, but Jeff did not respond. Additionally, the couple spent their Valentine’s Day in 2019 outdoors, thanks to a surprise from Jeff: a photo shoot with lions. They concluded the day with a romantic dinner.

Jeff Zausch’s Divorce from Gabrielle Zausch
After years of dating, Jeff married his longtime partner, Gabrielle Zausch. However, details about his past marriage are scarce as the reality TV star remains tight-lipped about the dissolution of their relationship.

Gabrielle Zausch had been Jeff’s partner since around 2013, according to his IMDb bio. The couple got married in 2013 but separated shortly thereafter, with no children between them. Jeff Zausch currently resides in Pocatello, Idaho.

Exploring Jeff Zausch’s Net Worth
Considering his notable achievements, it’s reasonable to assume that Jeff Zausch has accumulated a substantial amount of wealth. While his exact net worth remains undisclosed, reliable sources estimate it to be around USD 300,000.

Throughout his ventures, Jeff earned $5,000 per episode on Naked and Afraid XL, showcasing his ability to navigate hazardous challenges and endure extreme conditions. As a skilled survivalist, he is proficient in making primitive fires, constructing shelters, locating water sources, and primitive hunting techniques.

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