Is Alec Benjamin Gay? What Is His Sexuality? Everthing You Need to Know!

Alec Shane Benjamin, a singer-songwriter based in Phoenix, Arizona, was born on May 28, 1994. His breakthrough single, “Let Me Down Slowly,” released in 2018, achieved chart success in over 25 countries and has amassed over 1 billion Spotify streams as of April 2022.

While Benjamin predominantly writes and sings in English, Mandarin Chinese versions of his songs, such as “Older,” “The Way You Felt,” and “Water Fountain,” also exist.

Early Years Benjamin’s formative years were spent in Phoenix, Arizona, but he also lived on Long Island, New York, during his kindergarten and first-grade years. His song “If We Have Each Other” is a heartfelt dedication to his sister.

Life Overview Alec Benjamin openly shares in interviews that he grapples with social anxiety and OCD. Known for his sincerity and vulnerability in songwriting, he is also an advocate for mental health awareness.

Family Background In his family, Benjamin is one of several siblings, holding the position of the eldest son and youngest child.

Alec has successfully shielded his family from the public eye, maintaining the anonymity of his parents. His sister and only sibling, Logan Benjamin, is the known family member who has played a significant role in guiding and inspiring him, particularly influencing the creation of his song “If We Have Each Other.”

Speculations about Alec’s Sexual Orientation In recent times, there have been speculations circulating in the media, raising questions about Alec Benjamin’s sexual orientation. While it has become common for celebrities to be subject to such rumors, Alec, despite his fame, has kept his personal life private, fueling rumors about his sexuality.

The singer has faced long-standing accusations regarding his sexual orientation, but Alec has chosen to remain silent on the matter. It is evident that he identifies as straight. Rather than disclosing details about his current romantic interests, Alec is focused on advancing his career and musical journey.

A Journey into Music Alec delved into music during his high school years, initially motivated by his father’s passion for the art. At the age of 16, he independently picked up his father’s old guitar, teaching himself to play through YouTube videos instead of formal lessons.

During the rise of YouTube as a platform for showcasing musical talent, Alec stood out by composing his original songs using computer software, distinguishing himself from others who predominantly covered popular tracks. As he continues to evolve in his musical career, Alec remains dedicated to learning, growing, and sharing his talents with the world.

While still a student at the University of Southern California, Benjamin secured a deal with Columbia Records. However, his association with Columbia Records was short-lived, as they severed ties just weeks after receiving his album. Undeterred, Benjamin embarked on a self-funded European tour, offering support to Marina Kaye and Lea.

To promote his music, Benjamin took to unconventional methods, performing in concert parking lots and distributing business cards. Notably, Merrick Hanna’s contemporary dance audition on the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent featured Benjamin’s track “I Built a Friend” as the accompanying music. Additionally, Hanna borrowed Benjamin’s cover of Ruth B’s “Lost Boy” for his live quarter-final performance later in the season.

In 2019, Benjamin’s mixtape, Narrated For You, made its debut at number 127 on the Billboard 200 in the United States. The mixtape includes songs like “Water Fountain” and “Let Me Down Slowly,” the latter of which was re-released as a single featuring Alessia Cara.

In an effort to stay true to his roots while promoting the mixtape, Benjamin created YouTube videos titled “Can I Sing For You?” where he acoustically performs his original songs in front of strangers.

During 2019, he collaborated with Spotify Studios NYC to record two singles, one of which was a rendition of Eminem’s “Stan.” Additionally, he performed at the KAABOO music festival in Del Mar, California.

On May 29, 2020, Alec Benjamin unveiled his inaugural album, These Two Windows, which entered the Billboard 200 chart at number 75 in the United States. The lead single from the album, “Oh My God,” did not secure a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 but reached number 32 on the Mainstream Top 40 and number 26 on the Adult Top 40.

In an effort to promote the album, Benjamin resurrected his “The Story Behind the Story” video series on YouTube. This series, initiated with the original versions of “I Built a Friend” and “Water Fountain,” delves into the meanings behind some of his most popular songs, offering insights into the lyrics.

Notably, Benjamin has collaborated as a co-writer for artists like Jon Bellion, earning a songwriting credit on “New York Soul (Part II)” from Bellion’s album, The Human Condition, in addition to his solo endeavors.

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