Indian Banks Including SBI Plan to Provide Funds for Adani Group’s Ventures

The Adani Group, one of the biggest Indian conglomerates, is on its journey towards acquiring funds of INR 60,000 crores from various Indian public and private banks led by the State Bank of India, which will be investing in the Adani Group’s major infrastructure projects. This Adani SBI investment merger will allow the global conglomerate to acquire funds for its various projects, including a green hydrogen plant, power, transmission, copper smelter and road projects over five years.

The Acquisition of Funds by Adani SBI:

The consortium from which the Adani Group plans to raise funds includes 5 PSBs and three leading private sector banks. Around 56% of the loan will be acquired from state-led banks, including the Adani SBI merger, and the remaining 44% will be acquired from private lenders. Two other financial institutions are also willing to invest in Adani Group’s power sector. These funds are presently being raised at 9-11 % interest. A part of the total funding has already been tied up for its various projects. The total investment will be finalised by May 2024. The money will be spent over 3 to 5 years on some of the significant projects of the Adani Group. However, SBI has not yet provided any clarification on this Adani SBI investment.

Adani’s Funding Journey:

The Adani Group faced a lot of turmoil while conducting business operations during the Adani Hindenburg crisis. Because of the allegations and the controversies, the conglomerate ended up losing a lot of investors. This is the first significant funding received by the Adani Group from the Indian banks after the Hindenburg crisis. The Adani Group has mainly approached overseas bond markets and international banks for funding. This is the first time it has completely relied on Indian banks to implement its projects. This reflects the trust the Indian banks have in Adani Group’s business operations. The funding acquired has also allowed the global conglomerate to drive investors from all across India.

The Investment Plans:

Most of the funds that the Adani Group plans to raise will be spent on the green hydrogen project, one of the most significant projects in the renewable energy sector. The first phase of this project will have a capacity of 1 million tonnes. It is expected to be implemented by FY27. Around INR 24,000 crore has already been allocated to set up the green hydrogen ecosystem, and an investment of 50 billion USD will be spent over the next decade to produce 3 million tonnes of hydrogen. This will bring about energy stability in the country and will also reduce our dependence on traditional coal-fired energy.

Another INR 8,000 crores will be used in a 1.2 billion USD, 1 million tonne copper project. The first phase of this project will have a total capacity of 5 lakh tonnes. The project operations will begin soon. It will increase our copper capacity to a significant extent. We will no longer have to import copper from various neighbouring countries at higher prices. It will also be highly beneficial for multiple Adani projects that use copper as their raw material.

Around INR 10,000 crores will be invested in various road projects in different corners of India. The company already has a 5,000-lane km road network and wishes to be among the top three players in the road business. The remaining funds will be allocated to the power and transmission assets. A 2 million-tonne coal-to-PVC project will also be built in Mumbai. The first phase of the project is expected to be commissioned in FY26.

Adani’s Business Ventures:

The Adani Group’s business spans across multiple growth sectors. The global conglomerate led by Gautam Adani started its journey from the port sector. Still, very soon, it began to spread its branches, and today, it has control over some of the major business sectors in India and globally. Some significant areas of interest for the Adani Group include logistics, renewables, transportation, energy, power, transmission, and much more. With each passing day, the business group is trying to make an entry into new business sectors and further diversify its portfolio.


With the support received from the Indian banks, the Adani Group will have a constant supply of funds to carry out its various business ventures. As the Adani Group continues investing in different sectors, our country will experience extensive growth and prosperity. 

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