Improve Your Communication SkillsWith IELTS Course

The IELTS speaking test is an essential component of the IELTS exam, examining the ability to convey a message effectively in English. Improving communication skills is critical to this speaking test. This article provides some tips to assist you in the IELTS course in Dubai.

Know The  Test Format

You should know that the test structure is essential in increasing communication skills for the IELTS  speaking test. Familiar     with  these  3  parts: 

Introduction Part

In this section, you will ask and answer questions about personal or general topics. For example, you could ask about your home, work, studies, and preferences. 

Long turn Part 

You will receive a card with a written topic and  1 minute to prepare it. You will have to speak for  1 to 2 minutes on the subject. 

Two-way discussion Part

In this section, the investigator asks about part 2 questions, and you will discuss these questions in more detail. 

Understanding the format assists you in what you should prepare and what to expect. Furthermore  visit study abroad education consultants in Abu Dhabi.

Learn New Words 

A  bulk of vocabulary permits you to express yourself more transparently and validly. Plan to learn new phrases and words daily, use them in daily communication, and record new phrases and words.  Regularly practice using them in the context. 

Emphasize On Pronunciation

Pronunciation improves transparency. Practice these words properly and correctly by listening to local speakers and imitating their pronunciation. Utilize online resources like videos related to pronunciation or any other guidance. It would help if you focused on word rhythm and intonation, essential aspects of natural speech. 

Improving  Fluency

Fluency is the capability to speak effectively without redundant pauses and hesitation.  To increase fluency,  practice speaking on different topics for long periods.  On the timer, discuss the topic for  2 to 5  minutes without pause. This will assist you in getting used to continual speaking and organizing your thoughts quickly. 

Coherence and Cohesion

Coherence is vital as an organization of ideas, but cohesion is using words and phrases to link ideas. To improve the coherence and practice,  arrange your answer with a clear introduction,  body, and conclusion. Employ cohesive devices, for instance,  to connect with your ideas and create an adequate flow in your speech. 

Active Listening

Practice active listening. It is essential and assists you in responding more effectively in communication or any other situation. Listen actively to the investigator’s questions and ensure you know them before answering. Practice listening activities that teach you a lot about different speech styles. Watch English movies and engage with different  English media.  


Improve the communication skills for the IELTS  speaking test, including the fusion of knowing test structure, daily practice and learning more vocabulary, emphasizing good pronunciation, improving fluency and developing cohesion and coherence,  and staying relaxed.  By using these strategies to prepare for IELTS, you can increase your performance and get higher scores on the IELTS speaking test. 

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