Idea To Use Wall Paintings For Your Living Room

Your home is a canvas that displays an array of your choicest memories, likes, and interests. Whether it is the furniture style you choose or the Wall Paintings you display, everything helps exude your personality through the walls of your home. Especially the living room, where you welcome your guests and family alike. Wall paintings are an excellent option to enhance aesthetics while inducing a sense of curiosity in all those seated!

Transform your mundane walls into captivating, unique, and creative spaces that can profoundly enhance the aesthetics of your home. Not sure where to start? Use this comprehensive guide whether you’re planning a renovation or starting from scratch.

Checklist To Pick The Perfect Wall Painting:

Before rushing to buy paintings online or at expensive art galleries, it’s important to consider a few factors that influence the entire transformation:

Size Of The Room

The first thing to consider is the room size. The smaller the room, the more subtle the painting should be. Choose smaller art pieces to create a cohesive look as a focal point. The larger the room, the more options to create a gallery or a large focal wall with a statement painting. 

Understanding Your Lifestyle

Want to create a cosy space for your family to snuggle and watch movies? Or are you looking for a sophisticated room to host soirées? Understanding your lifestyle directs the type of transformation you want using wall paintings and décor type.

Define your Style

Defining your style sets the tone for the type of wall art you want to complement the rest of the room. For instance, eclectic bohemian designs go hand-in-hand with colourful and bold patterns. A rustic charm décor entails fewer colours while embracing the beauty of abstract art. Create a cohesive look that best suits your style.

Colour Palette

Did you know? The colour palette we choose for the living room can also influence our moods. This applies to wall paintings. Soothing neutrals, riveting bold tones, or zen pastels—choosing the right colour scheme for your wall paintings can evoke the vibe you want to emanate in the room.


Choosing the right material for wall art impacts the décor, too. A simple canvas wall painting adds texture and depth to a plain wall. Canvas can be stretched out and fit into a wooden frame, making a stylish wooden frame painting or can be hung directly on the wall. Much like the Wakefit Ethereal Eco Wall Painting, it can be directly mounted and adds a three-dimensional element to the decor. Before purchasing an expensive buy from a gallery, browse online for canvas painting price and at a local artisan, which may work out cheaper, too.

Another popular material is aluminum for paintings as they are easier to clean, lightweight, and adds a metallic sheen to the visual treat. 


Asses the current lighting options in your living room. Incorporate layered lighting for each function like ambient, task or accent lighting. Artificial lighting like floor lamps, table lamps or even ceiling-mounted lights strategically placed can highlight the wall painting for all to appreciate. 

Top Ideas For Wall Paintings

Complement Other Furnishings and Décor

Whichever wall art you choose, complement it with existing décor elements in your home. If the room has a minimalist vibe, opt for boho-themed clean simple designs. If your living room is traditional and cosy, opt for rich colours and designs that complement your furniture choice as well. 

Abstract Designs

These designs focus on colour texture and are generally non-representative. This means they can also be moved around the house if you get bored of seeing the same thing every day! Abstract wall paintings are a popular choice in all homes of different décor and themes. 

Floral Designs

Floral designs are a trending and timeless design choice. Their pleasant representation adds freshness to the living room and fits into any décor theme, including modern and contemporary-styled homes and traditional homes. 


Hear us out! The lastest trend is to bring your family together to get their hands dirty and paint on a canvas together! Get creative as you spend quality time together painting your very own wall painting for your home. Make sure to stick to a colour scheme that best suits your interiors, and do not restrict yourself to any image. Have fun! Mounting this canvas proves to be a great conversation starter, too.

Feng Shui Paintings

Believe in the science of Feng Shui? Why not add paintings like the Luminous Wall Painting from Wakefit? It not only adds warm tones to the room but is also a great accessory for Feng Shui or Vaastu as a symbol of vitality, enhancing financial stability, too. 

To Summarise

Wall paintings add a splash of life to the otherwise mundane walls of our home. Decorate them by referring to the points above and planning the outcome before mounting the painting on the walls. This ensures balance and symmetry is maintained. Additionally, do not forget to hang the centre of the painting at eye level, around 60 inches from the floor. 

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