How to Share the Internet With Bluetooth

Sharing the internet via Bluetooth is the easiest way to share on different devices. It provides a quick and handy method to connect a device to the internet when traditional methods like mobile data or Wi-Fi are unavailable. The process is known as Bluetooth tethering. It can be useful for devices not having direct access to the internet but supporting Bluetooth. 

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Let’s explore the step-by-step guide to sharing the internet with Bluetooth. We’ll investigate the complete process to ensure an efficient tethering experience.

What Is Bluetooth Tethering?

Bluetooth tethering enables sharing a device’s internet connection with another device. It may include a laptop or a smartphone via wireless connection. This setup allows the secondary gadget to use the first device’s internet connection. It offers a streamlined way to stay connected without relying on Wi-Fi or multiple data plans. The flexibility to share internet from Mac to iPhone can significantly enhance your productivity and connectivity. For instance, the capability to share internet over Bluetooth from Mac to iPhone is a vital feature for Apple users. 

By activating Internet Sharing in the Mac’s system settings, you can easily extend your Mac’s online connection to your iPhone, ensuring you’re always connected, even if Wi-Fi is unavailable. This process exemplifies the seamless integration between Apple gadgets and highlights the broader utility of internet sharing across various platforms, making it easier for users to maintain connectivity across all their devices.

How to Use Bluetooth Tethering

Sharing your internet with Bluetooth involves many simple steps. You can enable the sharing on Android and iPhone mobiles or link your computer to the internet through Bluetooth. Here’s a guide on configuring this across various devices:

On Android

  1. Go to your smartphone’s settings. After that, turn on Bluetooth to ensure both gadgets can be located.
  1. Try one of the mobiles and find the other device in the list of available devices. Then, select it to pair. You must enter a PIN or confirm the pairing notification on both mobiles.
  1. On the Android device you plan to share the data with, go to the “Network & Internet” settings. Then, select “Bluetooth tethering” under “Hotspot & tethering.”
  1. Now, you can use the connection with the other device. The mobile operating system may affect how this step is performed.

On iOS 

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the iOS device and the gadget that will share the connection.
  1. It’s quite similar to the process followed for Android devices. Start pairing from one of the gadgets and confirm the pairing on both.
  1. Using the mobile sharing its data, go to Settings, click Personal Hotspot, and toggle “Allow Others to Join.” Remember that iOS does not explicitly mention Bluetooth tethering but enables connection hotspots.
  1. Select the mobile from the list of devices to access the Internet on the second device.

On Computers (Windows and Mac)


  1. Ensure the device you wish to use to access the internet and your computer using Bluetooth.
  1. In the Windows search bar, type “Bluetooth” and go to the settings to pair with your mobile.
  1. Now, you can access the shared connection from the network settings. Select the Bluetooth network connection as your internet source.


  1. Verify that your Mac and the other device have Bluetooth enabled.
  1. Go to “System Preferences” and select “Bluetooth”. Then, pair your Mac with the gadget sharing the internet.
  1. After successfully pairing, your Mac should instantly connect to Internet via Bluetooth. If it doesn’t work, you must change your network settings to prioritize the connection.

Tips for a Smooth Bluetooth Tethering Experience

  • Recognize the battery life of your gadgets. The tethering uses electricity even if it is more efficient than Wi-Fi.
  • Keep your gadgets close together to keep your connection robust.
  • Secure your tethering session with a strong password or PIN to prevent unwanted access.
  • Close superfluous background apps on both devices to enhance tethering efficiency.
  • Ensure both devices have installed the latest software and drivers for optimal compatibility and performance.
  • Follow the correct pairing procedure to ensure stable data sharing. 
  • Re-pair the devices if you encounter connectivity issues.
  • Be aware of potential interference from other wireless devices. 
  • Try to minimize interference by turning off unnecessary wireless devices nearby.

Internet sharing through Bluetooth offers a convenient solution where Wi-Fi is not an option. While there may be other ways of data sharing, it offers a convenient method to share the connection. Its ease of use and low power consumption make it an ideal choice in your connectivity toolkit. 

Following the steps above, you can set up tethering between gadgets. You can enjoy internet connectivity even when other methods are not feasible. Consider the limitations and use the tips provided to improve your tethering experience.

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