How Old Is Michael Dutton Age? Everything To Know About The Lost Kitchen Chef Erin French Husband

Michael Dutton and his spouse, Erin French, represent one of the dynamic couples in the industry. They engage in various activities together, from supporting each other in their business endeavors to uplifting and celebrating each other’s joy.

Currently featured on the Magnolia network, Erin is sharing her creative methods of incorporating summer fruits into her dinner menu at #TheLostKitchen.

Michael Dutton’s age appears to be in the mid-40s, with his recent birthday celebration on November 1, 2021. On this occasion, his wife expressed heartfelt words, saying, “Happy birthday, @mjdutton808, my dearest friend and love of my life. With you in it, life is richer and more wonderful. Every day, you lift me up, let me fly, and make me smile.

How fortunate I am to have met you in this crazy world. To the person who consistently gives and then gives some more. To the person who shows up every day and does everything he can to help others shine. I love you with every last bit of my heart.”

Her continuous praise for her husband showcases the significant impact he has had on her life, portraying Michael as an exemplary partner.

Erin French, his wife, is 41 years old, and although the exact date of her birth is undisclosed, there is a minimal age gap between the couple. They have happily been married for over three years, having exchanged their vows on August 24, 2018.

Michael Dutton, the Managing Partner at The Lost Kitchen, is not yet featured on Wikipedia. However, as a business development planner and emerging content specialist, he serves as a co-founder and managing partner at 6ccMedia.

Engaged with a top-tier team of creative XR media creators and storytellers, Dutton collaborates on major news sources, organizations, and brands to develop emerging platform initiatives and content strategies. While not currently featured on Wikipedia, his accomplishments may lead to a dedicated page in the future.

Similarly, Dutton devotes his efforts as a media consultant within his wife’s enterprise, The Lost Kitchen. He manages daily media relations for The Lost Kitchen and Erin French. Additionally, he serves as the Executive Producer for Magnolia’s latest series, The Lost Kitchen.

A Boston University graduate, Dutton previously held a high-ranking position at IMG Media and has been professionally active since around 2006. Despite his extensive work experiences in various media outlets, his LinkedIn profile contains no mention of his family or parents.

In terms of wealth, Michael Dutton is anticipated to be one of the most affluent figures in town. The estimated net worth of Chef Erin French’s husband is around $3 million. While he hasn’t openly disclosed his wealth and assets, it’s presumed that his career in the media industry has contributed significantly to his fortune. Co-founding 6ccMedia in 2018, he continues to make substantial contributions in his professional domain.

Moreover, he consistently supports and promotes the work of his wife, whether it be her book, ‘Finding Freedom,’ or her venture ‘The Lost Kitchen.’

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