How Do Moving Services Handle Fragile Items?

Moving fragile goods requires additional care, making it nerve-wracking. Glassware, pottery, musical instruments, paintings, etc. are typically breakable. Thus, you must pack and ship these fragile items carefully.

You must also use the correct packing material and materials to survive turbulent travel.

This article will provide detailed instructions on packing and moving delicate things securely.

What are Fragile Items?

Some household goods need extra attention. Typical items include ceramics, pottery, glassware, cutlery, paintings, jewelry, and musical instruments.

Fragile objects are readily broken. They may be more valuable than other things due to emotion or money. Therefore, packaging and transporting these objects demands additional care and clever methods.

How Can I Safely Pack and Move Fragile Items?

Use these techniques to carry your valuable, delicate objects safely:

  • Prepare to Pack

Start with a comprehensive packing and relocation strategy for delicate objects. Note any fragile items and give enough time to pack them, accounting for delays.

  • Obtain Supplies

Moving delicate products requires the correct packaging material. Ensure you have enough strong moving boxes of various sizes, tape, peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. Newspaper, foam, and similar materials may be used instead of bubble wrap.

  • Individually Wrap Items

After sorting delicate objects, individually wrap them in bubble wrap or packing paper. Additionally, make sure it covers fragile portions like handles and bulged regions. When choosing a packing and moving service, be sure they use the correct materials and methods.

  • Ensure Proper Cushioning

Cover the moving box floor with peanuts or paper. Place wrapped delicate objects in the box and cushion them further to reduce movement.  Movers specialize in delicate multi-layered packing to preserve your treasures.

  • Fill Empty Spaces

Extra towels, blankets, and clothes may be used to pack. Fill any box gaps with this. Packing tightly without gaps prevents goods from moving and bumping during transport. Do not store heavy objects in the same package as glassware to reduce friction and pressure.

  • Label Boxes Clearly

Label boxes containing fragile objects with bold labels and “FRAGILE” in prominent characters to indicate their contents. The movers will be warned to handle these boxes carefully. To minimize damage, pack goods vertically and upright.

  • Guard Sensitive Electronics

Place foam padding over the screens of gadgets like laptops, televisions, and computer monitors while packaging them to prevent damage or scratches. Cover every object with a supple material to cushion against knocks. Pack them tightly into solid boxes, leaving space for packing peanuts or equivalent material to fill any gaps so that the movers know to treat the boxes carefully and mark them as fragile. Cover the primary screen with additional cardboard pieces to shield it from outside shocks. 

  • Speak with the Movers

If you will be hiring professional movers, inform them in advance about the existence of fragile items. Give precise directions on how you want the breakables handled and put into the moving van.

Indeed, transferring delicate objects involves careful planning and packaging. Use excellent packing equipment, wrap goods firmly, and mark everything properly to protect your assets during transport.

A Phoenix moving service carefully packs, handles, and delivers delicate objects. If you need a trusted moving companion, choose from their wide range of solutions.

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