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The perplexing yet intriguing story of Hazel Grace and the cellphone case has sparked a buzz across Filipino social media, with netizens appearing divided on the situation.

Hazel Grace gained online prominence amid the cellphone issue and scandal when she lost her personal phone a few days ago. The phone was subsequently found by an individual named Angelito Martin.

Upon contacting Martin, a TikToker, Hazel promised him monetary compensation if he returned the phone. However, upon their meeting, Grace reportedly summoned CIDG personnel and immediately handcuffed Martin.

Allegedly, Grace accused Angelito of attempting to extort nearly 50,000 pesos (approximately 1000 USD) from her. The incident caught public attention when a user named “Love Amor Martin” shared the details in a Facebook group called Brgy. Longos Conversation.

Love explained that Angelito is one of three siblings in her orphaned family and sought assistance from Raffy Tulfo Inaction. Unfortunately, all her efforts proved futile as her posts were consistently deleted.

Hazel Grace looks to be in her twenties, celebrating her birthday in July each year. A native of the Philippines, she is one of the most followed TikTokers in the country.

With an impressive following of 10.7 million on her TikTok account, Hazel Grace has recently made her profile private following the cellphone controversy. As of now, she has not issued a statement regarding the incident.

Conversely, Hazel Grace has faced substantial criticism on Twitter, with many users calling for the cancellation of the influencer.

It’s worth noting that Hazel Grace is currently in a happy relationship with her boyfriend.

The couple recently celebrated their anniversary on June 27, but the identity of the fortunate man has not been disclosed yet.

Hazel Grace boasts a following of 500k on Instagram under the handle @edephazel. She is an attractive young woman, standing at a moderate height with a stunning figure.

However, her recent controversy may have a significant impact on her popularity, as she is currently under the scrutiny of the public eye.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to acknowledge that there are always multiple perspectives in a story. It would be unwise to cast blame on anyone unless Hazel Grace shares her side of the story.

Furthermore, the current narrative already contains numerous gaps yet to be filled.

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