Has Jelena Ostapenko Gained Weight? Does She Have Diabetes In Real Life? Details To Know

Jelena Ostapenko, also known as Alona Ostapenko, stands as a professional tennis player from Latvia, recognized for her historic achievements. She is the first Latvian athlete to secure a Grand Slam victory and the initial unranked player since around 1933 to triumph at the French Open.

In recent discussions about Jelena Ostapenko’s physique, particularly during her appearance at the Australian Open 2022, viewers speculated that she may have gained weight, noting a more refined appearance than expected.

It is crucial to note that athletes, like Ostapenko, adhere to strict diets and engage in rigorous workouts, minimizing the risk of significant weight gain. While occasional variations may occur, particularly when athletes deviate from their regular routines or fail to follow their coaches’ guidelines, this does not seem to be the case for Jelena, given her unwavering commitment to her sport and adherence to training protocols.

According to Wikipedia, Jelena currently maintains a weight of around 68 kg (150 pounds). If there have been any changes in her weight, we anticipate that this information will be updated promptly.

Addressing speculations about diabetes, neither Jelena Ostapenko nor any of her close associates have acknowledged the presence of diabetes in her real-life circumstances.

Athletes like Ostapenko are highly unlikely to develop diabetes due to their healthy lifestyle unless there is a family history of the condition.

Moreover, the athlete is only 24 years old, and it is uncommon for someone of such a young age to have the condition after leading such a functional and health-conscious life.

Explore Jelena Ostapenko’s Boyfriend on Instagram Jelena Ostapenko has refrained from following her current beau on her Instagram handle @jelena.ostapenko.

However, reports suggest her involvement with Latvian footballer Arthurs Karasausks, a prominent player for FK Liepāja in the Latvian Higher League.

Apart from that, Jelena has kept her love life under wraps. Her Instagram photos often depict her solo travels. Nonetheless, there could be someone special in her life behind the lens of her camera.

Jelena Ostapenko’s Net Worth Explored According to our estimates, Jelena Ostapenko’s net worth exceeds $10 million, with career earnings totaling US$ 9,727,821.

However, her primary source of income extends beyond her playing career. Similar to other notable athletes, Ostapenko has secured numerous endorsement and sponsorship deals.

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