Ginny and Georgia Fans Noticed Damian Romeo’s Face Scar

Damian Romeo bears a distinctive scar on the left side of his face, most prominently visible when he adopts an impassive expression. Known for his role as Matt Push on the Netflix series “Ginny and Georgia,” Damian’s real-life persona differs significantly from his on-screen character. In reality, he is far from being a conceited teenager but acknowledges his ability to relate to the character.

The actor, who doesn’t conceal his 2-inch-long scar when not working, openly displays it on Instagram during his everyday activities. While the scar is less apparent on-screen in “Ginny and Georgia” due to camera and makeup effects, it is clearly visible in his Instagram photos, prompting fans to inquire about its backstory.

Although not very noticeable when he smiles, the mark garners curiosity from fans who eagerly seek to learn its history. Damian has yet to disclose the details behind the scar, despite persistent queries from his followers.

Evidence from Damian’s childhood photos in 2021 suggests that the scar wasn’t present from an early age. His face, devoid of any marks at the age of four, hints that the scar might be a later development.

Beyond the intriguing aspect of his scar, Damian maintains an attractive physique, weighing approximately 150 pounds and towering at 6 feet 4 inches. Sporting dark hair and brown eyes, Damian captivates admirers with his appealing features, including bushy eyebrows. He occasionally sports facial hair, and a notable detail about him is his past service in the Canadian Military as an infantry soldier, likely contributing to his toned muscles and impressive body structure.

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