For A TikTok Influencer, Why Are Fans Important?

TikTok is one powerhouse of a place for people of all ages to express themselves however they’d like to. It has provided them with a creative outlet where they can just be themselves and thrive. So many people have gained viral fame to become influencers, thanks to TikTok and its fantastic algorithm.  They have had the chance to hone their craft and resonate with audiences worldwide. They truly know how to turn viewers into fans who admire and value their content. But why is it important to have fans for an influencer? Let’s find out and dive deeper into how you can get more fans on TikTok. 

The Role of Fans In An Influencer’s Journey

Fans play an essential part in developing an influencer’s journey and this fact cannot be denied. As a TikTok influencer, you should really value your fans and thank them for their presence on your profile. 

Fans Make An Influencer

Who do influencers influence? Their fans and followers. If there were no fans, there would have been no influencers. 

You wouldn’t call an influencer, an influencer if it wasn’t for the number of followers they have on TikTok. Even the categorization of influencers in nano, micro, macro, and mega influencers is done based on the number of followers. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that fans are the building blocks of an influencer’s journey. One aspect of an influencer’s growth is the increase in their TikTok followers and likes. The more fans they have, the more influential they become. An influencer with a significant number of followers on their TikTok profile is considered authoritative and credible within their niche. 

Contribute to Engagement

Likes, shares, comments, and saves are all forms of engagement. Where do these come from and who engages on your TikTok videos? The fans, obviously. They considerably contribute to the influencers’ overall engagement rates. If no fans interacted with influencers’ content, there would have been no engagement. 

Moreover, the content on TikTok inspires actionable engagement. An influencer creates a video and their fans recreate their own versions of it, demonstrating engagement on your videos. This is proof that your content is relatable and admired by many. 

Brand Partnerships

Influencer marketing is on the rise and lots of brands look forward to collaborating with influencers. The whole impact of influencer marketing relies on consumers trusting the influencers’ words and taking action on their recommendations. Brands want to market their products and services to their target audience. Influencer marketing serves as a bridge between brands and their potential customers. This is the reason why brands want to collaborate with TikTok influencers. 

Brands partner with influencers based on their fan following and engagement rates. They like to partner with influencers having a large follower base or a highly engaged one if it’s small. If any of these is missing, the essence of the collaboration is lost.  

Strengthen the Impact

Having a considerable following establishes your credibility in the eyes of brands as well as potential followers. It strengthens the impact of your words and videos. A higher number of followers on your TikTok profile encourages other people to put their trust in you. It symbolizes that you are an expert in your niche and your opinion matters. This acts as social proof for your endorsements and notions. More followers translate into a wider reach which signals the algorithm to spread your content even more. It promises a wider reach along with a bigger impact. 

Drive Trends

What leads to a piece of content going viral to the extent it becomes a trend everyone starts following? Who drives the trends on TikTok? The users, of course. Even if some TikTok video is great in terms of its content and quality, if no one views or engages with it, it’s lost in the crowd. It’s the users who turn a random video into a viral trend followed by millions from all over the world. So many jump on the bandwagon to create their version of the trending video or audio. If it wasn’t for fans driving the trends, all videos would have the same value. 

Turning Viewers Into Fans

Not everyone you come across as an influencer on TikTok is your fan. They might be observers or viewers of your content, but not necessarily admirers. Here are some tips to turn those viewers into loyal fans. 

Walk In Their Shoes

Think from the viewers’ point of view about your profile or the content you create. What would someone else feel or experience when they go through your profile? Ask your viewers such questions. In light of all the observations and answers, think of ways that would help your content resonate with the viewers even more. 

Furthermore, in your insights section, you can get to know more about the people who follow you. It gives you insights into the audience demographics, interests, and their activity patterns. This can help you create a better content strategy that brings more TikTok comments, followers, and engagement.

Interact With Them

In order to amplify engagement and the number of followers, you should interact with your audience. Take time to respond to their comments and messages. Go live frequently. Pay attention and work on their feedback. Create videos on their requests. Reply to questions and comments in the form of videos. 

Make Them Feel Valued

Let your audience know how much you value their presence in your life. Appreciate them often by responding to their messages and comments. This makes them feel special and they reciprocate the appreciation several fold. Doing this encourages the viewers to engage with the videos even more. 

Repost Mentions

When fans tag you in their content, make sure you repost as many as you can. It’s a great way to make your fans feel valued and stimulate user-generated content from them. Mentions and positive feedback coming from your fans establish your credibility and build authenticity in the eyes of visitors and potential followers. Since it is not forced or includes any monetary benefits, it’s considered more authentic by other people too. 

Encourage Participation

As you interact with your audience, encourage participation from them too. Use interactive elements in your videos to boost engagement. Ask them questions about your content so they share their feedback more openly with you. Initiate important conversations through your TikTok videos. Gather responses and share them in another video. Thus, there are so many ways you can encourage participation from your users to foster a sense of community. 

Be Authentic

Viewers always prefer authenticity over false claims. While social media has been a place where people display the brightest aspects of their lives for so long, TikTok is playing a huge part in transforming this narrative to promote authenticity. Most of the content we get to see on TikTok has a very homegrown, coming straight from the heart vibe. Relatable and authentic videos perform better than content rooted in pretense. 

Stay Relevant

Some TikTok videos have become popular enough to become a trend. The reason behind this phenomenon is that people from all over the world are able to relate to that sort of content. So they not only demonstrate engagement, they recreate such videos. The key to creating relatable videos is having a deeper understanding of your audience as well as the dynamics of TikTok. Staying relevant to your audience is one of the most crucial factors in growing your presence on TikTok. 

In A Nutshell

TikTok is one of the most amazing platforms for influencers. The audience is highly engaged and brands are increasingly investing in TikTok marketing. Both of these factors work in favor of influencers. This post explores the significance of fans in an influencer’s journey to TikTok success and sheds light on strategies to turn viewers into loyal fans. They are the most valuable asset for an influencer because they are the source of an influencer’s credibility and impact.

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