Firefighter Micah David Bigelow Passed Away In A Tragic Car Accident- GoFundMe Details For Family

Micah Bigelow, a young firefighter and California-based physical trainer, passed away on May 2, 2022. Micah was also affiliated with North American Training Solutions as an associate instructor and an expert in vegetation management safety.

With 15 years of experience as an assistant instructor, Micah resided in California at the time of his unfortunate demise. The news of his passing has circulated widely, prompting one of his colleagues to establish a GoFundMe page.

Micah David Bigelow met a tragic end in a car accident on May 2, 2022. The police promptly responded, launching an investigation into the incident. While the police have identified the individual involved, details regarding the specifics of the accident and Micah’s role in it remain undisclosed.

After confirming Micah’s identity, the police informed his friends and family, leaving them saddened by the loss of their beloved relative. Micah was not only a dedicated firefighter but also a much-loved family member.

Micah Bigelow’s obituary states that he was a kind and humble man, always ready to assist others. He was a family-oriented individual who cherished his loved ones. Prayers and thoughts have been sent to his family to offer comfort during this challenging time. An obituary for Micah has been posted on @Micah’s_obituary by his friends.

Micah served as an associate instructor and a vegetation management safety expert for North American Training Solutions, accumulating 15 years of experience in his role.

Following the tragic news of Micah’s demise, his family initiated a GoFundMe campaign to cover funeral expenses. Reports indicate that $2,030 of the $10,000 goal has been raised so far.

The GoFundMe page emphasizes that Micah’s life partner, Robin Vang, was unprepared for the financial burden brought on by his sudden passing.

As the shocking news unfolded online, friends and colleagues rallied behind Robin to support her with daily expenses and relocation. The current situation poses considerable challenges for Micah’s loved ones.

Discover Bigelow’s Partner, Robin Vang, and Family on Facebook Micah Bigelow leaves behind his future partner and beloved companion, Robin Vang. Micah and Robin shared a domestic partnership but were not married.

For those wanting to connect with Bigelow’s partner, Robin Vang, she can be found on Facebook under the username @Robin Vang. In the wake of the late firefighter’s passing, Robin is frequently seen expressing her grief over the loss.

Recently, Micah’s partner, Vang, announced her plan to launch an online store as a tribute to Micah’s memory.

Before the tragic loss of her life partner, Vang used to share numerous photos of the couple together. On her official Facebook page, Robin has a total of 1.1k followers.

She has also commemorated her parents’ anniversary by sharing their photos on her virtual entertainment posts.

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