Exploring Popular and Practical Polaris UTV Accessories

Utility terrain vehicles have become popular members of the ATV industry. They’re highly sought-after among outdoor enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, campers, hunters, and ranchers alike. They’re also incredibly popular among businesses that often need to venture off the beaten path to get their jobs done. These vehicles are tough enough to handle rough terrain and powerful enough to haul and tow heavy loads. They’re also extremely versatile, making them perfect for an array of outdoor needs. 

Looking at Popular UTV Accessories

UTVs come with plenty of power and numerous features straight off the assembly line. Still, there’s always room for improvement, right? Numerous Polaris UTV accessories are available to help you customize your UTV to suit your needs and expectations. Some of the most popular and practical are listed below. Take a moment to learn more about them so you can decide if they’re right for your off-road excursions. 

Winches and Winch Plates

Winches could be considered crucial for any vehicle you might take off-road. They can, quite literally, help you out of some extremely sticky situations. They’re designed to be mounted to the front or back of a vehicle. They have a powerful motor and a strong cable for pulling vehicles out of mud, sand, holes, and other unfortunate places they may end up in. 

In some cases, winches can be used to pull other vehicles out of tricky situations. UTVs may not be heavy or strong enough to extract full-size trucks, though. For smaller vehicles like UTVs, winches are generally more for self-extraction. That’s particularly useful when there’s no one else around to help. You may even be able to use a winch to pull a small tree out of the ground or move sizable boulders among other tough jobs. A winch plate gives you a secure place to mount the winch on your UTV.

Winch Bumpers

If you’d like to take matters a bit beyond a standard winch and winch plate, a winch bumper might be what you’re looking for. Winch bumpers serve multiple purposes. For one, they feature a winch to help get you out of trouble when the need arises. They also give you a sturdy mounting point for the winch as an alternative to a winch plate. In short, with a winch bumper, you won’t have to worry about pulling the bumper off of your UTV when you use the winch.

At the same time, winch bumpers fill the same roles as standard bumpers. They catch the brunt of the impact when you run or back into something and prevent damage to the body of the UTV. They may also absorb some of the force of the impact to keep it from jarring people inside the vehicle quite so much. With so many obstacles to run into off-road, winch bumpers can be exceptionally helpful. 

Bed Racks

Many people are drawn to UTVs because of their cargo capacity. If you’re heading off-road to work, hunt, go camping, or for other reasons, being able to take along all the gear you need is definitely helpful. Of course, if you have a lot of equipment to take with you, it may not all fit in a standard UTV bed. That’s where bed racks come in handy. 

Bed racks fit into or onto the bed of a UTV, and they’re fastened securely in place. They can take the cargo capacity of a UTV to entirely new levels by giving you extra space. They’re sturdy enough to hold all your gear while also withstanding all the hazards you’ll face on the go. They also have numerous points you can use to tie down your cargo so it won’t shift or fall off of the UTV while it’s moving. 

Nerf Rails

Nerf rails help protect your UTV. Also known as rock sliders, they take on rocks, branches, tree roots, and other obstacles you might run over. In doing so, they protect your UTV’s undercarriage. They’re made of tough materials like aluminum or steel, so they can easily handle hazards that might damage other parts of a UTV, like the body, frame, or suspension. Nerf rails also give you an extra step to help you get into and out of a UTV if needed. 

Half Doors

Some UTVs come with doors whereas others don’t. Those that are equipped with doors give you extra protection against tree branches, flying debris, and other dangers. On the other hand, not having doors feels less closed-in, and it lets fresh air rush into the cab. If you’d like a nice compromise between these two extremes, half doors can give you just that. They provide a barrier against potential dangers without taking away your airflow. Some can even be easily installed and taken off as needed to give you added freedom and versatility. 

Headache Racks

Headache racks are also popular aftermarket UTV accessories. They mount behind the cab of a UTV to prevent cargo from falling inside with the passengers. You might say they help to prevent unnecessary headaches. They also feature mounting points where you can secure some of your cargo. They can help keep certain items upright if needed, and they can serve as extra supports for some types of loads. 

Gun Mounts

If you’re going hunting, heading off-road for target practice, or even bugging out in an unexpected emergency, a gun mount could be an essential accessory for your UTV. It’ll give you a convenient way to transport your guns, and it’ll keep them from bouncing around while you’re on the move. These accessories also keep your guns out of the cab. They can be mounted on a bed rack, the roll cage, the headache rack, or other points on the UTV. Be sure you fully understand any laws that apply to transporting firearms before placing your guns in those racks, though. 

Maximizing Your UTV’s Versatility 

UTVs give you ample versatility, which is one of the reasons they’ve become so popular. You don’t have to settle for factory setups, though. Numerous accessories are available to help you maximize your UTV’s flexibility and usefulness based on your specific needs. From aftermarket doors and winch bumpers to Nerf rails and gun mounts, several options are on the market to help you ramp up your Polaris and make it your own.

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