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Emily Carver serves as the Media Manager for the Institute of Economic Affairs, overseeing and expanding the IEA’s media output. In addition to her managerial role, she is a renowned author and has previously worked as a Policy Adviser to a Conservative MP. Carver holds the position of Editor at 1828.

While there is no Wikipedia page available for Emily Carver as of now, given her growing popularity, there is a possibility that she might be featured on Wikipedia in the future. However, her Twitter profile provides some insights into her online presence, boasting over 9.7k followers and 981 followings.

Details about Carver’s age remain undisclosed, as she tends to keep her personal life private. Consequently, her exact date of birth is unknown, making her zodiac sign a matter of speculation.

Emily Carver leads a fulfilling life with her undisclosed husband. While she has chosen to keep the identity of her spouse private, reports suggest that a significant turning point in her life occurred when her husband decided to resign from his position in Fort Worth, Texas.

Living in a small-town setting, Carver shares her life with her two young children, embracing a modest lifestyle with the support of an amiable presence. Carver’s educational background is noteworthy.

According to her Linkedin profile, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French and German from the University of Bristol. Additionally, she pursued further education at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), earning a Master of Science (MSc) in European Politics. She is also associated with a YouTube channel.

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