Elliot Kingsley Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Career, & Net Worth

Elliot Kingsley is a Trending Instagram Star and Model. She is famous for her attractive personality. She has a Huge Fan Following on Instagram. He was born in 1966 in USA. So, he is 57 years old as of 2023. His profession is a singer and also a songwriter. He also has an Instagram account with a lot of fans. 

His parents’ names are Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne. Also, they have siblings named Jessica, Louis, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne. His marital status is unknown. He is 70 kg by weight and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. He has a net worth of roughly $600,000 due to his work as a theatre performer.

Who is Elliot Kingsley?

Elliot Kingsley is a talented and famous Instagram star and model. With a massive following on Instagram, he has captured the hearts of many fans with his attractive personality. Born in the USA in 1966, Elliot is now 57 years old as of 2023. Alongside his modeling career, he is also a singer and songwriter. 

Elliot’s parents, Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne, have raised him alongside his siblings Jessica, Louis, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne. Although his marital status is unknown, Elliot has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Standing 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 70 kg, Elliot’s physical appearance is just as good as his talents. Stay tuned to learn more about his early life, career, net worth, and future projects!

Elliot Kingsley

Elliot Kingsley’s Early Life and Education

Elliot Kingsley had a fascinating early life and educational journey. Born in the USA in 1966, he grew up in a creative and vibrant household. Elliot displayed a natural talent for music and the arts from a young age. His parents, Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne, good his passions and encouraged his creativity. Elliot attended a prestigious performing arts school, where he honed his skills and discovered his love for singing and songwriting. 

Throughout his education, he actively participated in school plays, talent shows, and musical productions, earning recognition for his exceptional performances. Elliot’s dedication and talent paved the way for his future career in the entertainment industry. His early life and educational experiences undoubtedly shaped him into the incredible artist he is today. Stay tuned to learn more about Elliot’s impressive career and impact on the industry.

Parents and siblings 

Elliot Kingsley was fortunate to grow up in a loving and supportive family. His parents, Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne played a significant role in shaping his life and career. Elliot is the sibling of Jessica, Louis, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne, all with their achievements in the entertainment industry. 

With a strong bond among siblings, Elliot’s family dynamic has contributed to his success and has inspired him. Their close-knit relationship is evident in their mutual support and love for each other. Together, they form a good family unit that has profoundly impacted Elliot’s life.

Elliot Kingsley’s Wife/Girlfriend

Elliot Kingsley needs to be made public about the status of his relationship. He prefers to keep his personal life private, so information regarding his wife or girlfriend is unknown. While Elliot may have had relationships in the past, it is still being determined if he is currently dating someone or is focused on his career and personal growth. 

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As an artist, it is not uncommon for individuals to prioritize their craft and personal development before committing to a good partnership. Elliot’s fans eagerly await updates on his personal life, but for now, they continue supporting him in his career and celebrating his achievements.

Elliot Kingsley Children

Elliot Kingsley is a proud parent to two beautiful children. His children bring him immense joy and love; he cherishes every moment spent with them. Elliot believes in nurturing their talents and passions, just as his parents did for him. He encourages their creativity and supports them in pursuing their dreams. 

Elliot’s children are lucky to have such a talented and loving father who inspires them. As they grow, they will undoubtedly make their mark in the world, just like their father. Elliot’s role as a parent is a significant aspect of his life, and above all else, he values the bond he shares with his children.


Name Elliot Kingsley
Nick Name Elliot
Date of birth 1966 (Age 57).
Place of birth USA.
Parents Ozzy Osbourne and Thelma Riley(Adoptive)
Siblings, Louis and Jessica Starshine Osbourne
Wife Update Soon
Children 02 Children
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 70Kg
Net Worth  $600,000

Elliot Kingsley Age Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Elliot Kingsley, at 57 years old, stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 70 kg. He possesses a charismatic and attractive physical appearance that has captivated his fans. His age, height, weight, and overall appearance make him an admirable figure in the entertainment industry. 

Elliot Kingsley

Elliot’s age and physique reflect his dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and caring for his well-being. As an Instagram star and model, his physical appearance significantly influences his success and popularity. Elliot’s age-defying looks and confident demeanor continue to win the hearts of his fans, making him a beloved figure in the industry.

Before Fame

Before Elliot Kingsley rose to fame, he had a humble beginning. As a child, he displayed a natural talent for music and the arts, capturing the attention of those around him. His parents, Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne recognized his potential and supported his creative pursuits. 

Throughout his education, Elliot actively participated in school plays and talent shows, honing his skills and refining his craft. These early experiences laid the foundation for his future career in the entertainment industry. Despite the challenges he faced along the way, Elliot’s determination and passion never wavered, propelling him towards the success he enjoys today. The journey leading up to his fame was filled with hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of his loved ones.

Elliot Kingsley Career

Elliot Kingsley’s career is as diverse as his talents. Starting as a young performer, Elliot honed his skills in school plays and talent shows, captivating audiences with his exceptional talent. As he grew older, his passion for music and the arts intensified, leading him to explore singing and songwriting. Elliot’s dedication to his craft eventually paid off, propelling him into the entertainment world. 

Today, he is a successful Instagram star, model, and renowned singer and songwriter. With each project, Elliot continues to amaze his fans and solidify his position as a rising star in the industry. Stay tuned to learn more about Elliot’s remarkable career journey and the exciting future projects he has in store.

Net Worth

Elliot Kingsley has achieved considerable success in his career, and his hard work and talent have contributed to his impressive net worth. While the figure is undisclosed, it is estimated at around $600,000. Through his work as a theater performer, singer, songwriter, and model, Elliot has garnered a loyal following and gained recognition in the entertainment industry. 

His dedication to his craft and ability to connect with his audience have undoubtedly contributed to his financial success. As Elliot continues to pursue his passions and take on exciting projects, his net worth is expected to grow even further.

Famous Reason

Elliot Kingsley became famous for his incredible talent and captivating personality. With his charming presence on Instagram and his successful modeling career, Elliot has gained a massive following and the good of fans worldwide. His ability to connect with his audience and his dedication to his craft has propelled him into the spotlight, making him a rising star in the entertainment industry. 

Elliot Kingsley

Elliot’s unique blend of talents as a singer, songwriter, and model has earned him immense recognition. Through his hard work and determination, he has become a household name and continues to inspire others with his success. Elliot’s fame is well-deserved, and his future looks bright as he continues to take on good projects and leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Elliot Kingsley Future Plans and Projects

  • Elliot Kingsley has an exciting future filled with various plans and projects.
  • He is currently working on releasing new music, with several singles and potentially an album in the works.
  • Elliot collaborates with other artists and producers to create unique and good tracks.
  • He plans to continue expanding his good career, working with good photographers and brands.
  • Elliot is exploring opportunities in acting and hopes to make his mark in the film and television industry.
  • He is passionate about using his platform to promote important causes and raise awareness about social issues.
  • Elliot is dedicated to connecting with his fans and staying engaged with them through social media and live performances.
  • He aspires to inspire others and make a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Favorite Things

  • Elliot Kingsley has various favorite things that bring him joy and inspire him daily.
  • Music is one of his favorite things, as he profoundly loves singing and songwriting.
  • Elliot also enjoys spending time with his family, who are a constant source of support and inspiration.
  • He enjoys traveling and exploring new places, allowing him to good his horizons and experience different cultures.
  • Elliot enjoys reading books and immersing himself in compelling stories in his free time.
  • He is passionate about fashion and enjoys good with different styles and trends.
  • Elliot’s favorite is connecting with his fans and creating meaningful connections through his music and social media platforms.
  • He also loves nature and enjoys spending time outdoors, whether going for a hike or relaxing at the beach.
  • Elliot’s favorite things reflect his diverse interests and good, which continue to inspire him in his career and personal life.


  • Elliot Kingsley has many hobbies that bring him joy and allow him to relax and also unwind.
  • He is an avid reader and enjoys getting lost in the pages of a good book. From thrilling mysteries to inspiring biographies, Elliot loves exploring different genres.
  • Elliot also loves music and enjoys playing the guitar in his free time. It’s a creative outlet that allows him to express himself and also connect with his emotions.
  • Nature is another passion of Elliot’s; he loves spending time outdoors. Whether going for a hike, walking on the beach, or simply enjoying the beauty of the world around him, he finds solace in nature.
  • As a food enthusiast, Elliot enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and also trying new recipes. Cooking and baking are good activities that bring him joy and good.
  • Fitness is also an essential part of Elliot’s life. He enjoys staying active and trying different workout routines, whether it’s yoga, weightlifting, or going for a run.

Lastly, Elliot loves spending quality time with his family and friends. Whether it’s hosting a movie night, having game nights, or simply enjoying each other’s company, he cherishes these moments of good.

In summary, Elliot Kingsley has diverse hobbies that cater to his various interests and allow him to find joy and good in his personal life. From reading and playing the guitar to exploring nature and cooking, Elliot knows the importance of good activities that bring him happiness and also  balance.

Exciting Facts About Elliot Kingsley 

  • Elliot Kingsley has a hidden talent for painting and loves to express his creativity through art.
  • He is an avid traveler and has visited over 20 countries, good himself in different cultures and gaining inspiration for his work.
  • Elliot is a good and actively supports various charities and also good close to his heart.
  • He is fluent in three languages: English, French, and Spanish, allowing him to connect with fans from all around the world.
  • Elliot is a huge animal lover and has three pets: a dog named Luna, a cat named Milo, and also a parrot called Charlie.
  • He is an adrenaline good and loves extreme sports like skydiving and bungee jumping, always seeking new thrills and also adventures.
  • Elliot is an excellent cook and enjoys experimenting with different recipes in his free time.
  • He is a self-proclaimed movie buff and can easily quote lines from his favorite films.
  • Elliot loves staying active and good yoga and meditation to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • He has a hidden talent for mimicry and can good various accents and voices, entertaining his friends and also family with his impressions.


1. What is Elliot Kingsley’s age?

Elliot Kingsley is currently 57 years old.

2. What is Elliot Kingsley’s height and weight?

Elliot stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 70 kg.

3. Who are Elliot Kingsley’s parents?

Elliot’s parents are Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne.

4. Does Elliot Kingsley have any siblings?

Elliot has siblings Jessica, Louis, Aimee, Kelly, and also Jack Osbourne.

5. Is Elliot Kingsley married?

Elliot’s marital status is unknown.

6. Does Elliot Kingsley have children?

Yes, Elliot is a proud parent to two beautiful children.

7. What is Elliot Kingsley’s net worth?

While the exact figure is undisclosed, Elliot’s net worth is around $600,000.

8. What is Elliot Kingsley’s profession?

Elliot is a singer, songwriter, Instagram star, and model.

9. What are Elliot Kingsley’s plans and projects?

Elliot is currently working on releasing new music, good with other artists, expanding his good career, and also exploring opportunities in acting.

10. What are some interesting facts about Elliot Kingsley?

Some interesting facts about Elliot include his hidden talent for good, love for extreme sports, ability to speak three languages fluently, and passion for supporting charities and good.


In this blog post, we have delved into the life and career of Elliot Kingsley, a talented Instagram star, model, singer, and songwriter. With a huge following on social media, Elliot has captured the hearts of many fans with his good personality. As We have also learned about his early life, education, and the loving family supporting him.

While details about his marital status and personal life remain undisclosed, Elliot’s dedication to his craft and impressive net worth have made him a good figure in the good industry. Also As he continues to pursue exciting projects and make a lasting impact on the sector, Elliot Kingsley’s future looks bright.

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