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Ekomkar Grewal, recognized as Ekom, is a versatile teenager excelling in various sports such as football, basketball, swimming, and more. Known by the simplified moniker Ekom, derived by removing “Kar” from his name, the soon-to-be-adult showcases his skills in self-produced videos, revealing his unique style and passion for the camera.

His running sequences set to popular tunes captivate an increasing number of fans. Additionally, his father, recently featured in Lucknow Central, is slated to appear alongside Jasmin Bhasin in the upcoming film Honeymoon.

Beyond being the son of a well-known personality, Ekomkar Grewal is establishing himself as a YouTuber. Together with his brothers, he manages the YouTube channel “Humble Kids,” initiated on July 25, 2020, and has garnered 109k subscribers.

With 97.3k followers on his Instagram, Ekomkar Grewal acknowledges that his account is managed by adults. He is adept at Bhangra dance and envisions a future in the entertainment industry inspired by his father.

Ekomkar Grewal, the son of 39-year-old Gippy Grewal, born on January 2, 1983, in Ludhiana, India, himself was born 15 years ago as the eldest child of the family in Canada. Despite his youth, he responsibly cares for his younger siblings.

Ekomkar Grewal has two siblings, Gurfateh Grewal and Shinda Grewal. Shinda is interested in boxing, while Gurfateh showcases his dance skills from a young age. The three brothers share a combined Instagram account, and they receive immense love not only from their parents but also from their grandparents, Kulwant Kaur and Santokh Singh.

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