Do Chinese grammar and vocabulary cards boost fluency?

Though flashcards came into existence in the 19th century, they are still considered a powerful and prominent learning tool. So, what makes flashcards so reliable? Can using Chinese grammar flashcards level up your Chinese language learning plan?

Reasons learning Chinese using flashcards work

Language learning students globally use flashcards to memorize new vocabulary. It is because of the effectiveness of these cards. Here are top reasons why flashcards work:

Retrieval practice

If you have something in Chinese written on one flashcard’s side, you would think of its English pronunciation and meaning. It is called retrieval practice.

Retrieval practice or active recall forces your mind to grab information that you have learned earlier, without hints. It helps in building robust neural connections in your brain, boosting the chance of remembering the newly acquired information in the coming time.

It helps stimulates your brain and makes it work- compared to passive study, where the Chinese textbooks are read to gather information. It further strengthens the neural connections in the brain, enhancing the chance of remembering newly learned information in the coming time.

Using this method stimulates the brain, demanding it to work harder, compared to passive study where Chinese textbooks are read to collect information. Studies also reveal that retrieval practice enhances retention by 150% in comparison to passive studying.

Flashcards make it simple to practice and make it work best for you. Just break down a deck into small categories and spend more time studying those cards which are tougher to remember. It will help you brain to consistently use retrieval practice, reduce your effort and time to memorize new grammar or vocabulary.


You can immediately check your answer by simply flipping the card over. It will help you if you have memorized it well or you need to study harder. Such assessment is known as metacognition.

Research states that metacognition offers a deeper understanding, enhances memory muscles and boosts overall learning results. It also improves learner’s ability to recognize their weakness and draft a better plan by taking immediate action.

Spaced repetition system

It is studying habit majorly useful with flashcards. It is called evidence-based approach where the learning content is broken down into smaller studying session and reviews at spaced intervals to boost long-term memory.

Tips to make the most out of the best Anki Pro Chinese Grammar Flashcards

Flashcards offer remarkable benefits to the learner when used properly. Here are some simple tips to use the best Anki Pro Chinese Grammar Flashcards.

  • Keep the cards simple and short

Do not make or purchase flashcards which are loaded with information. You may think the more details included, the better it is. However, it will bring more harm. It is best to keep the cards simple and short with only one learning objective.

  • Revise frequently

The saying practice makes perfect stands true with flashcards also. It is recommended to study and review sessions whenever you get time. It can be once a day, once within a few hours or any way you prefer. Just don’t make the gap too long.

Use these tips and surely you will have the best knowledge and memory while learning Chinese.

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