DJ Shipley is Married to Wife: Patsy Dietz-Shipley.

Donald W. Shipley, widely known as Dj Shipley, was born in the year 1960. Unfortunately, the exact date of his birth remains undisclosed. He is a retired US Navy Seal, recognized for his activism in investigating and exposing individuals who falsely claimed military service.

Following his completion of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training in BUD/S class 131, he joined the US Navy in 1978 and officially became a Navy Seal in 1984.

Dj Shipley has been married to his wife, Patsy Dietz-Shipley, since around 2009.

Patsy Dietz-Shipley Biography

Patsy Dietz-Shipley is widely known as the wife of the late Navy Seal, Danny Dietz. Turning 41 in September 2022, her specific birthdate is not publicly disclosed. Hailing from a family with a military background, it is evident that her father was involved with the Navy Seal.

Acknowledging her family’s commitment to the military, she was honored with the Organization of the GW aircraft carrier around 2004. Despite her husband, Donald Shipley Jr., being in the limelight, Patsy maintains a low profile and does not disclose much information to the public.

There is limited information available about her online, but fortunately, she has an Instagram account with the username @patsy_leveque, where people can stay updated about her. Her active engagement on Instagram includes 500 posts, and she has garnered over 300 followers while following more than 400 accounts.

In memory of her late husband, Patsy has shared a link on her profile leading to the Danny Dietz Dedication page. Additionally, she actively shares posts related to the Navy on her Facebook account, emphasizing the sacrifices made by her fallen husband and other servicemen.

Unfortunately, Patsy’s then-husband, Danny Dietz, valiantly sacrificed his own life for the benefit of many.

Tragically, he lost his life during the RedWings operation on June 28, 2005. Despite the heroic Danny Dietz having departed, there are still occasions to honor his actions.

Dj Shipley’s Children
Maintaining a low profile and avoiding excessive publicity, the couple did not introduce their two daughters to the public, and no details about their children were disclosed online.

Nevertheless, it is evident that Patsy prioritizes her family above all else. They are currently leading a content and peaceful life.

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