Different Remote Consultation Options Accessible In Dubai

Many people just know about the traditional face-to-face interaction with the consul, but now the world is interlinked, and the latest technology has increased the number of different services across countries. This is a reality in immigration consultation, where people looking to move to Canada from the United Arab Emirates can now approach expert guidance remotely. The immigration consultants of the Canada Regulatory Council have accepted these changes by offering remote consultation alternatives to their certified consultants. This article will examine the different remote consultation routes accessible to people in the United Arab Emirates who focus on immigration to Canada.

Consultation By Live Sessions

The best one of the processes of remote consultation is live sessions. These live sessions can be managed via video conferencing channels like Skype, zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Live sessions allow face-to-face interaction, permitting customers to fix personal links with their consultants even though they are thousands of miles apart. During sessions, consultants can examine the customer’s eligibility, discuss immigration, and handle any problems and queries they may have.

Consultation By Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone consulting is a quick option for people interested in audio communication who are restricted to Internet services. Immigration consultants Dubai  can give guidance over the phone, involving beginning processes, explaining immigration procedures, and clarifying needed documents. Mobile Phone consultations benefit candidates  who are on the way, as they remove the requirement for the physical meeting position.

Online Candidates  Portals

Few ICCRC-registered consultants in UAE use online candidate portals for safe communication and document sharing. These portals permit the customer to approach their case files, upload needed documents, trace the progress, and communicate with their consultant quickly. Online portals improve the clearance and flow of data exchange, boosting the integrated relations between customers and consumers. Candidates can ensure their critical data is saved through encryption and other protection measures.

Social Media Channels

Consultants may use social media channels to arrange with candidates remotely. Channels like Facebook and Instagram allow consultants to share the latest immigration, educational sources, and customer reviews. They can follow the profiles of the consultants, give stream questions and answers, and face a community of people pursuing Canadian immigration from the United Arab Emirates.

Seminars On Immigration Topics

Consultants hold seminars on different immigration topics, which people in Dubai can attend remotely. These online occasions give insights into Canadian immigration policies, processes, and best activities. Participants can ask questions, arrange with market professionals, and learn about their immigration alternatives. Seminars act as educational equipment to enable customers to make wise decisions about their immigration journey.


Remote consultation alternatives with ICCRC registered consultants give the people in Dubai quick and approachable events for browsing the Canadian immigration procedure. Whether through live sessions, mobile phone consultations, online portals, social media channels, and seminars, candidates can get professional guidance and help from their positions. Encompassing the technology, ICCRC registered consultants ensure wishful immigrants get the required help to complete their Canadian dreams.

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