Did Mollie Miles Remarry After Ken Miles Death? What Happened To Le Mans 66 Winner’s Wife?

Mollie Miles, the wife of Ken Miles, a renowned American race car designer and driver, was herself a driver and published articles in automotive journals.

In 1966, Ken Miles achieved victories at the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring, securing a second-place finish at Le Mans.

Following Ken Miles’ tragic death in a car accident at Riverside International in California, curiosity arose about Mollie Miles’ life afterward. However, details about Mollie’s post-Ken life remain elusive.

There is uncertainty regarding whether she remarried, as she has not made any public appearances since Ken’s passing.

Ken Miles met his unfortunate end while testing the Ford J-car, the intended successor to the GT40 Mk II. Despite the circumstances of his death, Mollie and their son Peter Miles were devastated.

Peter, who currently resides in Monterey, California, is married to Patti Montgomery Mile, and the couple has a daughter named Jaime Miles.

Peter, now the executive editor of millionaire Chip Connor’s extensive classic car collection, has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

He has actively pursued his father’s passion, making significant contributions to the film industry, particularly in aiding Christian Bale’s preparation for a role.

While information about Mollie Miles’ net worth is undisclosed, it is known that she lives with her son Peter. Mollie’s current whereabouts are uncertain, and she is not active on any public platforms. According to some sources, Mollie is alive and residing with her son Peter, although the details remain private.

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