Detective Von Bryant From BMF Is A Real Life Cop Played By Steve Harris

The role of Detective Von Bryant in BMF is portrayed by actor Steve Harris. Steve Harris also has a son named Kevin Bryant.

BMF, a crime drama based on the lives of the Flenory brothers, features actors such as Demetrius Flenory Jr as Big Meech, Da’Vinchi as Terry, Mo’Nique as Goldie, and Myles Truitt as B-Mickie.

While some characters in the show are fictional for dramatic purposes, the confirmation of whether the detective’s role is fictitious remains unverified by the producers, as indicated in the disclaimer at the beginning of each episode.

In an interview, Steve discussed the complexity of the detective’s role, blending various elements of law enforcement. Viewers have praised Harris for his portrayal of Von.

BMF, created by Randy Huggins and executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, premiered its second season in January 2023, with a third season already confirmed.

Detective Von Bryant is portrayed as a 20-year veteran in the Detroit Police Department. The show’s creators have not disclosed whether the character is based on a real-life cop.

Steve Harris, known for his role as Detective Isaiah in the TV show “The Practice,” has also taken on leading roles in series like “Legends,” “Being Mary Jane,” and “Heist.”

Detective Von’s character was introduced in the first episode of season one as the show’s secondary antagonist. A significant conflict arises between Von and Big Meech when Bryant is assigned to the Down River County Narcotics Operation.

In the second season, Von Bryant’s personal life takes a downturn when his son becomes involved in criminal activities. Kevin Bryant, portrayed by Von’s son, faces bullying in school. In episode nine, an intruder breaks into Bryant’s home looking for B-Mickie’s gun and locks Kevin in the closet.

In the finale, Kevin confronts the bully on the basketball court, leading to a deadly confrontation where he uses his father’s gun. To protect his son, Bryant confesses to the gun’s ownership and reveals its connection to a previous crime.

In the series, Detective Bryant is alive but has been removed from his position. He is instructed to surrender his badge and gun to suppress the evidence.

In the final episode, Big Meech summons Von for a private meeting. During the encounter, Meech introduces a witness to Jay-Mo’s murder who attests that the detective’s vehicle was at the crime scene.

Meech pressures Von to disassociate himself, warning that if he doesn’t, the witness will provide a statement to the authorities.

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