Danny Duncan Father Is A Businessman Named Mr. Duncan, And His Mother Is Housewife Named Sue Duncan

Danny Duncan was born to his father, Mr. Duncan, who is reportedly a financial investor, and his mother, Sue Duncan, a housewife. Although little is known about his biological parents, Danny often referred to Jim, whom he calls dad, as his father figure, who sadly passed away in May 2022.

Mr. Duncan, Danny’s father, is known for his presence alongside Danny in online content. However, he was not Danny’s biological father but rather the grandfather of Danny’s associate, David Tomchinsky. Daddy Jim, as he was affectionately known, frequently appeared in Danny’s YouTube videos, showcasing his charismatic personality and engaging antics.

Tragically, Jim passed away at the age of 92 in May 2022, which Danny announced in a video on May 21. Danny shared the sad news on Instagram through photos of him and his father.

Regarding Danny’s mother, Sue Duncan, she leads a private life and is seldom seen in Danny’s online content. However, she has been featured in some old photos on Facebook from 2016 and 2017. Danny’s affection for his mother is evident, and he fulfilled his dream of buying her a house in December 2017.

Danny has a sister whose information is scarce online. He gifted her a new car on his birthday.

Danny Duncan is a popular YouTuber known for his prank videos. He started his YouTube channel in March 2014 and gained prominence through collaborations with fellow YouTubers Chris Chann and Andrew Hales. His most famous video, “Dropping With 30,000 Pennies,” garnered over a million views. Danny’s channel has amassed over 6.85 million subscribers and millions of views.

Apart from YouTube, Danny runs his merchandise business, offering a variety of products including clothing, snowboards, mugs, and more. His merchandise is available on his website and in several retail stores. Additionally, Danny has embarked on national tours to promote his merchandise and has been sponsored by various brands.

Danny is also the owner of Danny’s Cream Pies in LA, which he launched in 2021. He continues to entertain his audience with his humor and engaging content across multiple platforms.

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