Creating a Minimalist Look in a Bathroom – Without Giving Up Anything

The master bathroom may be a larger space, but it can look tiny and filled up when there’s just too much stuff. To get the minimalist look through a renovation, some planning is needed. It’s not that everything needs to go, but that during the renovation, a plan needs to be created for everything. For those who want to have a more minimalist look, it’s best to work with an interior designer who can handle the project from beginning to end, keeping their unique needs in mind. 

The Basics of a Minimalist Look

A minimalist look is clean and tidy, with everything in its place. There aren’t a lot of things stacked on the counters or left in the shower because everything has its own place out of the way. This helps the bathroom look and feel more spacious and can create a more inviting and calmer look, giving the homeowner the perfect place to relax in the bath when they need a break from the day.

To get this look through a renovation, it’s highly recommended to work with Tallahassee interior designers to make sure the job is done right. They’ll tailor the renovation to the homeowner’s unique needs, ensuring all of their products and supplies are neatly organized and that the organization system is easy to keep up with. This helps keep the minimalistic look over time, ensuring the homeowner will continue to love the new look of their bathroom. 

What Needs to be in the Bathroom? 

Take some time to think about what needs to be in the bathroom, from large items like the tub down to the extra rolls of toilet paper or makeup supplies that should be on hand in the morning. Clear out anything that’s not needed, like the kids’ toys or the dog’s stuffed animals. Taking stock of what should be there, what’s needed for the bathroom to be functional, and what’s not needed can help create a clearer picture of what the bathroom should look like after the renovation and how everything will be organized. 

Think About Organization

Start thinking about the organization of the room. How much makeup needs to be in the bathroom? Is one makeup drawer enough? Or is a whole vanity needed? Are men’s grooming supplies going to take up one drawer or may they need more space? Think about what needs to be easily obtained when using the bathroom and what can be stored out of the way. Work with the interior designers to come up with an organizational plan for everything that needs to go in the bathroom to ensure it will all fit in the new design. 

Bathtub or Shower?

Start planning the major features of the bathroom. Should there be a stand-alone tub? Is a tub and shower combo a good idea? Or is the dream to have a larger walk-in shower with no tub? Today, there are tons of different ideas, so it’s a good idea to go to a showroom to see what’s available. The interior designers can point out a few different designs that match the homeowner’s desires to help them choose the perfect options for the bathroom. 

Create a More Open Look with the Design

Think carefully about the design and where everything will go within the bathroom. It’s better to opt for smaller vanities or a smaller shower to create a more open look throughout the room, as items that are too big will make the room look squished and small. The more open it is, the larger the room will look, even if it’s a smaller bathroom or a lot needs to fit in it. Work with the interior designers to make sure the right items are chosen to make the room look and feel more open. 

Make Sure Vanity Offers Storage

Choose a vanity that adds to the overall look of the room, but that also creates additional storage space. The vanity should have drawers or a cabinet to not only help hide the plumbing from the sink but also to make space for everything that needs to be in the bathroom. Pay attention to how much space is in the cabinets or drawers to ensure they will be large enough for the organizational methods chosen and that everything will fit in them to help keep the counter clean and open. Alternative storage ideas can be used, but it is good to put as much in the vanity as possible to keep everything together. 

Use Hidden Areas for More Storage

Hidden areas within the bathroom can create a lot more storage, helping create a minimalist look without having to give up anything that should be stored in the bathroom. Ask the interior designers to incorporate hidden storage ideas that will fit with the new design for the bathroom to help make it easier to store items within the bathroom and give everything its own place. This will help ensure the bathroom is always stocked properly but that everything is put away and out of sight when it’s not being used. 

Keep Up with the Organization

Be sure to keep up with the organization once the renovation is done. The bathroom will look amazing after the renovation, but once it’s in use, it’s easy to forget to put things away or to keep them in their designated area and the bathroom can start looking cluttered again. By following the organizational plan put into place by the interior designers, it’s easier to keep the bathroom looking great and feeling like a more relaxing area instead of a space that’s always cluttered and full. 

To create a minimalist bathroom space, a renovation can be the answer. A complete renovation changes everything, providing the opportunity to have a more relaxing space as well as one that’s more organized and looks more open and cleaner. If the master bathroom has seen better days or you just want a change to prepare for the upcoming years, now’s the time to start thinking about the renovation. Talk to interior designers today to learn more about how they can help create a bathroom you’ll love. 

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