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Emerging on TikTok, Courtney Next Door is a burgeoning star known for sharing spontaneous, lively, and often risqué content that captivates her fan base.

Courtney Next Door, whose real name is Catrina, hails from Sweden and exclusively works as a model on OnlyFans.

As highlighted in her Instagram bio, Catrina describes herself as the “All-natural girl next door.” With an active organic following of 57.2k on the platform, her followers are steadily increasing by over 2k each week.

Currently, she is under the management of the CMM model and a global talent agency.

Many of the photos shared online indicate that Catrina is a fitness enthusiast, showcasing her dedication to the gym. In a recent Instagram story, the model revealed that she covers approximately 3.2 miles to maintain her fitness. Her workout routine includes 1000-meter rowing, hip thrusts, lunges, and concluding with 30 burpees.

Courtney Next Door’s photos have become a trending topic on Reddit. The Swedish model has sparked extensive discussions on the platform.

The OnlyFans model has shared exciting news with her fans—she has created a Twitter account under the handle name @sweddishblondie. Her profile has already gathered a proactive following of 1,226.

Introducing Courtneynextdoor7 on TikTok! Unfortunately, Courtney Next Door’s original TikTok account has been removed. However, her backup account, accessible under the handle @courtneynextdoor7, remains active.

She has garnered an impressive following of 102.3 thousand on the platform, accumulating over 720.5k likes on her profile thus far.

With her increasing popularity, the TikTok star is rumored to earn a substantial income from Instagram and TikTok itself.

Sources suggest that Catrina earns approximately $76.5 from Instagram endorsements and $50 from follow-backs. Furthermore, product endorsements featured in her Instagram story can fetch around $300 per post, and on TikTok, the figure is estimated to be approximately $400.

As for Courtney Next Door’s age and height, she is 26 years old, born in 1997 according to her Linktree bio. Judging from her photos, the TikTok star stands at around 5 feet 5 inches tall, blessed with beautiful light hair and striking blue-gray eyes.

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