Comedian Paris Campbell’s Dad is Musician John Campbell, Meet Her Parents

Comic Paris Campbell praised her entertainer father, John Campbell, in a viral video clip.

Paris Campbell stands out as one of the most distinctive and engaging comedians on the rise in New York City, as nothing about her is conventional. Leveraging her dynamic presence, Paris crafts witty jokes.

Her repertoire is anything but dull, drawing from a rich array of experiences such as growing up with a former Miss America and Algerian Minister, receiving an autism diagnosis in her 20s, and embracing motherhood.

Moreover, her father, John Campbell, was a blues guitarist, performer, and composer hailing from the United States.

NameParis Campbell
Birth DateDecember 23, 1992
Age29 years old
ProfessionComedian, TikTok Star
MotherDolly Fox
FatherJohn Campbell
BoyfriendMike Szar

Comedian Paris Campbell’s father is the artist John Campbell, and her parents, John Campbell and Cart Fox, instilled in her the values of strength and independence as she pursued her career as an entertainer and content creator.

Residing in New York City, Paris is a stand-up comedian and content creator on TikTok. Although born in New York City, she spent her upbringing on the east coast.

Growing up in Washington, DC, under the care of her grandparents, Paris has an intriguing family background. Her grandmother, Yolande Betbeze Fox, was crowned Miss America in 1951, and her grandfather, Cherif Guellal, served as Algeria’s ambassador.

Paris’s father, the late John Campbell, a renowned blues performer, hailed from Shreveport, Louisiana, and left a significant musical legacy. Her mother, Cart Fox, is a current producer and former actress. Wynn, Paris’s daughter, completes their family.

John Campbell’s musical journey included being a part of the memorable Texas-based electric power trio, Intersection. Formed in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1973, the band featured John on guitar and vocals, Tim Delaney on bass and vocals, and Jack “Satch” Haupt on drums and vocals.

After two years, the group disbanded, and during that period, Campbell concluded the recording of his debut album, “Road Suite.

During the late 1980s, he spent time at Robin Hood Studios in Tyler, Texas, recording a demo featuring his acoustic interpretations of blues standards. These twelve songs were later included in the Tyler, Texas Meeting compilation, released in 2000.

His album, “A Man and His Blues,” was recorded over two days in April 1988 and released by a small German record label. Ronnie Baron served as the producer and a guest guitarist. This was followed by subsequent releases, “Howlin Mercy” (1991) and “One Devotee” (1993), both under the Elektra label.

The country blues song “When the Levee Breaks,” famously covered by Led Zeppelin, was originally composed in 1929 by Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie.

Her mother, Cart Fox, is a contemporary producer and former actress, best known as Paris Campbell’s mother. She has been married twice, initially to John Campbell, with whom she had Paris. Due to being raised by her grandparents following her father’s demise, Paris shares a somewhat distant relationship with her mother.

As of 2022, Paris Campbell is romantically involved with Mike Szar. The couple has been predominantly featured together on Instagram, showcasing their connection through virtual entertainment.

Mike Szar is a well-known comedian, and his latest comedy album, “Helium Comedy Studios,” is currently available. He is a dedicated individual, balancing both his romantic and comedic endeavors with focus and commitment.

Similarly, he expressed admiration for Paris, his daughter, sharing a video on Instagram with the caption, “My better half had a baby who calls me daddy.” Evidently, the young teenager affectionately referred to him as “daddy,” indicating the strong bond they share.

Paris’ Encounter on Tinder
Paris Campbell, a 29-year-old resident of New York, had an encounter on Tinder where a man chose to mock her appearance. However, she emerged victorious in the situation.

After the man lied about his height, Paris took to her TikTok platform to reveal that he was the catfish. In a post under the handle @stopitparis, she stated, “Not the pot calling the kettle black – height doesn’t matter, by the way, but lying and being rude does.”

Paris claimed that Will, aged 29, had initially sent her a super like but had done so only to label her a “catfish” based on one of her photos. He commented on a picture where she was not wearing any makeup. When she tried to learn more about the man, all he had written on his profile was that he was 6’1”. Paris humorously commented, “So tall.”

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