‘Called 911’ Is Dylon Peterson Still In Jail? Vancouver Wa Man Family Stabbing Case

Dylon R. Peterson from Vancouver is currently serving a 57-year sentence for the murders of Mathew Nagle, 15, and his former partner, Sandra Torrell. The incident took place in a duplex where Torrell was visiting her children for the weekend while Nagle was staying with his father, Eric Nagle, who was away on business.

Peterson confessed to the killings and accepted the 57-year prison term in April 2007. Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik opted not to pursue charges of aggravated murder or seek the death penalty in exchange for Peterson’s admission of guilt.

The tragic discovery of Nagle and Torrell’s bodies was made on January 7 at the duplex located on 2901 K Street in Vancouver after Peterson called 911 to report the incident. He admitted to the dispatcher that he had ensured the victims were dead before making the call.

Peterson fatally stabbed Nagle while he was sleeping and also attacked Torrell, who was not a resident of the duplex but was staying there for the night.

During his sentencing, Peterson remained silent, leaving the families of the victims with unanswered questions about his motives. Even the prosecutor was unsure of what drove Peterson to commit the murders. Although police claimed he was intoxicated at the time of the killings, his defense attorney did not use this as a defense strategy.

Dylon R. Peterson’s actions resulted in the tragic deaths of a mother and her son on January 7, leading to his arrest and subsequent conviction for first-degree murder.

After the 25-year-old placed the 911 call, authorities discovered the bodies of a 45-year-old woman and her 15-year-old child in a yellow duplex in the Rose Village area.

Peterson was also present at the scene and was detained after being questioned by authorities.

He claimed to have known the mother and child but stated they meant nothing to him during the emergency call. The motive for the crime remains unclear.

On the 911 recording from the day of the murders, Peterson simply informed the dispatcher that he was born to kill.

Just a few days earlier, he had been arrested and charged with cocaine possession. However, Peterson pleaded not guilty to the charges and was scheduled to appear in court later in January.

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