Brendan Bottcher And Wife Bobbie Sauder Wedding Pictures Are Stunning

Brendan Bottcher’s spouse, Bobbie Sauder, is a stylist based in Canada, and together, they form a mixed pairs team in curling.

Botcher and Sauder tied the knot in August 2021. Bobbie, previously married, has four children from her previous marriage.

The couple, both curlers, has a successful on-field and off-field partnership. They first teamed up in a mixed doubles competition in 2019 and later in 2021, securing the championship.

Brendan, a 31-year-old curler from Alberta, found love with Bobbie in 2018, and a year later, they got engaged.

While Bobbie may not have achieved as much success as her partner on the ice, she actively supports him. Recently, Brendan won the Canadian Open Men’s championship.

Aside from her curling pursuits, Bobbie Sauder is a licensed real estate professional in the Greater Edmonton area of Canada. In 2019, she shared the news of obtaining her real estate license on Instagram. Juggling multiple roles, she seamlessly combines her real estate career with her passion for curling.

In 2018, Brendan and Bobbie won the mixed doubles main event, a historic achievement for the Calgary Curling Club. Their professional journey together started in 2019, both on and off the field, culminating in their engagement in 2019 and their marriage in August 2021.

The couple became parents to four of Bobbie’s children from her previous marriage after their wedding. The children, three girls and one boy, were present at the wedding, capturing the celebration with photos.

Managing a blended family, Brendan has embraced the role of a caring paternal figure. The couple’s strong bond with Bobbie’s four children is evident in the family photos shared on social media. Although Brendan doesn’t have biological children, he serves as a mentor to Bobbie’s children.

Brendan’s family background has remained private, with occasional glimpses shared on social media. He shared a photo of a family trip to Hawaii in 2015 with his parents, Joan and father.

The couple, Brendan and Bobbie, first appeared together in a photo shared by Bobbie in 2018 at the wedding of their friends, Krista and Nevin. Their partnership, both on and off the ice, flourished, leading to their engagement in 2019 and ultimately winning the championship in 2021. While Brendan keeps his married life private, Bobbie occasionally shares updates about their life and family adventures on social media.

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