Benefits of buying 20W Laser Engraver and Laser B1 40W

The Longer RAY5 20W Laser Engraver and Laser B1 40W engraving machine are small but powerful marking, and cutting tools, which can enable the user to make crisp and deep markings that are long-lasting on different materials. They are controlled by a computer or mobile device and marked using high-quality fiber laser for precise and fast marking. Here are some benefits of buying one from the market.

  1. Precise engraving capabilities

The 20 watt laser engraver machine offers a precision of 0.01mm. The laser’s focus is extremely exact, and its high resolution allows for elaborate and detailed tasks such as designing, detailing, and engraving very small lettering and other fragile structures. Auto-focus and extremely sensitive motion control systems are common features found on most 20w laser engraver, and they have an influence on the quality of the work produced. Advanced engraving settings include an ultra-precise 256-color Scale, which rotates colors on the device. It’s time to abandon black-and-white engraving and embrace colorful engraving.

  1. Safety

20w laser engraver are usually declared Eye Safe Lasers so there is reduced probability of accidental exposure of eyes with lasers than is the case within industrial laser cutters of higher watts. In addition they use a laser head that is professional, and it comes with a laser shield that cuts down the laser light to a 5% exposure to laser light; and another feature is the laser-isolating glasses. It also reduces distinct risk factors that would occur with other engraving techniques, such as coming into contact with the engraved surface.

  1. Speed

Laser engraving is typically significantly faster than carving with a pen or on an CNC plotter particularly for regular patterns. Indeed, due to technology and power, a 20-watt laser can carve a material in minutes instead of hours based on the material quality and project intricacy. It helps you make a lot of work as it provides an opportunity to take more contracts or reconsider prototypes.

  1. Versatility

With 20 Watt of power output, this machine is capable of not only wood engraving equipment, wood cutter and acrylic but on other tough materials like leather, rubber, anodized aluminum, marble and the list is endless. This versatility allows you to take on a wide range of different jobs because clients come to you for custom orders of signage, awards, gifts, and even small parts for actual products.

  1. Ultra-smooth engraving experience

Longer 20 watt laser engraver is installed with the latest 32-bit chip for better performance. currently used in the market today for the purposes of handling all types of data more efficiently. As a result, it offers you with a wonderful engraving so that you experience a smooth flow.

  1. Increased power and speed

It is a 40-watt laser engraver under the B1 series which boasts a higher power output and therefore better engraving speeds. The Longer b1 40w enables you to finish jobs in less time, thus it can be useful when performing numerous, large, or urgent orders. With the B1 40-watt engraver, it provides more power, which improves efficiency and production significantly. You may also manage more engraving assignments in equal time, making it much simpler to fulfill deadlines. The B1 40-watt engraver is capable of engraving deeper, on a variety of materials. This is very helpful especially when operating on thick materials or when deeper engravings are preferred.

  1. Larger engraving area

The B1 40-wattCNC laser engraver is spacious; allowing you to work on multiple projects at the same time or on larger things if necessary sustaining large amounts of work.

Each of the above-laid 20-watt and B1 40-watt laser engravers comes with its challenges depending on your needs and preferences. To have the most effective outcome, certain aspects like the type of materials to be engraved, speed the size of work and the complexity of the designs, should be taken carefully into account when selecting the engraver. In conclusion, if you wish to buy a CNC and laser engraver then you should give Longer a try.

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