Arelys Henao Grew Up With Thirteen Siblings In Her Family

Arelys Henao grew up in a sizable family, one of sixteen siblings raised by their parents. Henao, amidst thirteen brothers and sisters, was born on December 3, 1976, in Cali, Colombia, and is now 46 years old. She began showcasing her singing talent at local events and competitions from an early age.

Known for her unique blend of traditional Colombian music with contemporary pop influences, Henao gained recognition for her expressive performances and powerful voice. In the early 2000s, she released her debut album, which seamlessly combined pop-infused tracks with traditional Colombian music genres like cumbia and vallenato.

Throughout her career, Henao has released several popular albums, including “Arelys Henao en Vivo,” “La Reina de la Cumbia,” “Mi Historia,” and “Soy Como Soy,” receiving acclaim from both audiences and critics alike.

Beyond her music career, Henao is renowned for her philanthropic efforts, particularly in healthcare and education in her native Colombia. She also advocates for women’s equality and empowerment, using her platform as a musician to raise awareness about these issues.

Henao’s upbringing was marked by hardship, with her family enduring significant loss and living amidst violence in Colombia. Despite the challenges, her parents, Ana María Ruiz and Alonso, provided support and guidance to their large family. Ana María, who had more than five children before the age of 25, witnessed the loss of several children due to the violence in their community. Together with her husband, they moved their family to a safer environment, allowing Henao to pursue her passion for singing.

Alonso, born and raised in a rural area, faced the dual challenges of farming and navigating the violence prevalent in their community. Although he never learned to read, Alonso worked tirelessly to provide for and protect his children, ensuring they received an education. He discouraged Arelys from pursuing singing, fearing for her safety in their volatile surroundings.

Despite the hardships and losses, Henao’s resilience and talent have propelled her to success in the music industry, making her a celebrated figure in Colombian music.

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