Are Mathieu Lacombe And Cynthia Lapointe Divorced? Details About Their Séparation

Mathieu Lacombe is a Canadian politician who was elected to the National Assembly of Quebec in the 2018 provincial election, making headlines as the youngest member to be elected. Since 2018, he has held the position of Minister of Families, representing the electoral district of Papineau as a member of the Coalition Avenir Quebec.

Regarding his marital status, there were rumors of a separation from his wife, Cynthia Lapointe, around the time Lacombe assumed the role of Minister of Families.

The separation was reportedly due to the demands of his job, requiring him to spend most of his time in Quebec while his wife resided in Outaouais. To address this, the couple decided to relocate to Terrebonne, allowing Lacombe to be closer to his family.

Mathieu Lacombe is a father of two children, with their names undisclosed. His younger child is approximately five years old, and the older child is around eight years old.

However, due to the demands of his work, Lacombe finds it challenging to spend quality time with his sons, often seeing them only after several days. Despite this, he remains committed to being actively involved in their education.

In terms of his professional background, Mathieu Lacombe has a profile available on Wikipedia. Before entering politics, he worked as a journalist for various media outlets, including Regional Television of Les Moulins, CINN FM, CJFO FM, Rouge FM, and TVA Nouvelles. He also served as the President of the Professional Federation of Journalists of Quebec.

As a Minister, Mathieu Lacombe receives an annual salary of approximately $155,000.

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