Fans Wonder If Anita Manning Wears A Wig After New Hair Look On The Show

No, Anita Manning is not wearing a wig on Deal Chase. She recently changed her appearance with a sleek layered haircut.

Manning has been appearing on English television programs since around 2010, so fans notice every detail about her. They have praised her hairstyles and fashion choices.

In addition to her sense of style, Manning has a passion for antiquities. She made headlines when she made a significant profit from purchasing a Buddha sculpture in 2016 on the Antiques Roadshow.

Her love for antiques dates back to her childhood, as her father took her to auctions. Consequently, she chose the antique business as her career in the 1970s. She worked as a buyer and educator before getting married.

No, Anita Manning does not wear a wig. Manning’s natural hair is layered, dark, and soft.

The rumors about Anita Manning wearing a wig began in 2014 after several years of her appearances on the BBC’s Deal Chase.

Fans speculated that the auctioneer wore a wig because she had not changed her hairstyle in over a decade.

People assumed she wore a wig because her hair never moved and felt unnatural and too dark for her age. Some suggested that her wig was the wrong shade.

Viewers believed she should keep a slightly lighter shade for her hair color.

Some viewers dismissed these comments; they noticed a different hair texture in certain parts of her hair. Many of her fans later admitted they were wrong about their assumption after watching her blow dry her hair on the Antiques Roadshow.

On Gransnet forums, Agus mentioned he met the auctioneer several times in Glasgow at her Auction House. He confirmed that Scotland’s most famous female auctioneer didn’t wear a wig.

Some consider her hair iconic. Some nicknamed her “bird woman” because of her hair. Even fans compare themselves to Manning when they wear wigs. Besides her hair, they admire her accent and style.

The antique expert usually appeared in stylish clothing and accessories on Deal Chase, Lash It!, and the Antiques Roadshow.

She sported a short bobbed hairstyle and glasses. Fans loved her as she always looked great in her elegant dresses. She appeared well-groomed and confident on the show.

However, she often appeared in the same outfits, such as plaid jackets and scarves. The TV personality wears stylish jewelry, including earrings and necklaces.

In her antique touring program, she even wore various colored stylish hats. She has a great sense of style, which enhances her elegant appearance on her antique shows.

Fans believed she had meticulously selected stylish, expensive clothing. Some even dubbed her a fashion icon for her ability to mix patterns with variations.

Although fans desired to emulate the Scottish auctioneer’s style, they felt disheartened upon discovering the prices of her garments.

She adorned herself with a multi-colored Square Felt and Stainless Steel chain necklace and a Multi-Colored felt circles necklace, both available at Nancy Grin’s shop.

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