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Amy DiGiovanna, Jay Barker’s initial spouse, with whom he was married for a significant period, parted ways in 2007. Within a year, he tied the knot with Sara Evans, an American country singer, in 2008.

Fans are curious about the current whereabouts of Amy DiGiovanna and what she might be up to. According to reports, Jay Barker was seen with his son, Braxton Barker, and his former wife Amy at the field during Senior Day ceremonies in November before the Arkansas game.

Reportedly, former Alabama quarterback Jay, aged 49, was arrested by police on Saturday and faced a domestic violence charge. He was detained in a Nashville county jail early Saturday morning. He has been accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and will be released after posting a $10,000 bond with a 12-hour hold.

Amy DiGiovanna: Jay Barker’s First Wife

Amy DiGiovanna is recognized as the first spouse of Jay Barker. She initially gained attention when she walked down the aisle with Jay Barker in 1995. Together, they share four children.

However, Amy has kept a low profile since her separation from Jay. There is limited information available about her career and personal life at this time.

The reason for their divorce is believed to be infidelity. Jay subsequently tied the knot with Sara Evans in 2008, just a short period after their divorce.

Where Is Amy DiGiovanna Now in 2022?

The current whereabouts of Amy DiGiovanna have yet to be disclosed in the media. She may be residing happily with her children in the US.

According to reports, Barker previously served as Birmingham’s radio sports host. He is currently in custody facing a domestic violence charge in Nashville County jail.

Explore Amy DiGiovanna’s Age and Wiki Bio Here

Amy DiGiovanna’s age is currently unclear as her date of birth remains undisclosed. Based on her appearance, she appears to be in her mid-40s.

Interestingly, a brief biography of Amy can be found in this article. We have endeavored to gather information from tabloids and public sources.

Is Amy DiGiovanna on Instagram?

It appears that Amy DiGiovanna is not active on Instagram and Twitter at present. Perhaps she prefers to avoid media attention and scrutiny, hence she has not created any social media pages thus far.

Meanwhile, her husband Jay is very active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His daily posts and updates can be accessed on these platforms.

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